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Redneck Test

Whats Yur Name?

Yur E-Mail address goes rightchere

Ya'll got a homepage? Place the URL here.

What's the name of that there site?

So what's your favorite part of this-shere site?

Have ya'll played the MKOC Name That Tune yet?

Ya'll do somethin' for fun?

Just a redneck net surfer
None o' yur dang business

So whatcha think of this site so far?

Hillbilly Heaven

Yur gettin' there

It ain't too awful bad

I'll letcha know AFTER I finish my 6-pack

It beats cleanin' skunk juice offa my tires

I think ya need ta get a life, girl!'s your chance to let me know whatcha really think!
Don't be shy, but try to be nice ;)

Thanks for takin' the test! Ya passed just by bein' here!
Ain't it easy bein' a redneck?

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