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Credits And Thanks

Though I am the sole creator of MKOC, there are several folks without who's help, belief and friendship I would never have made it this far.

First and foremost I want to thank my Ma. She raised me country style, on country music, and nourished me on a wealth of love and support. I couldn't go any further without thanking God for blessing me with the most wonderful mother in the world. She's not only my best friend she's my #1 concert going pal.

Previous Sponsor of MKOC

A world of thanks to Mikel Gore for having enough belief in me to provide the service and new home for MKOC for 3 years. Mikel took interest in this site and offered me a chance to house and promote all the wonderful folks on his service for Unsigned Artists Org.! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to gain attention for all the folks hosted here.

To my dear and special friend Harold Hill: Without you I doubt I would have ever taken MKOC this far. Your talent and your friendship were my inspiration for the directions I have taken in promoting new talent. You've been a mainstay from the beginning; a source of light through the shadows of my doubts, a smile to reverse my frowns, a constant and true friend. You have managed to undo the most cynical part of my belief in mankind in general by proving that goodness and purity of heart DO exist. I know you're there and I know you care and that's enough for me...............

To Vince Albers: Where do I start? You've been a constant ray of hope with your unyeilding belief in me. You've pushed me to strive for more, to believe I can attain any goal, and have given all you can to help me maintain that direction. You're enthusiasm, at times has been exhausting, but thank God you had enough of it to carry me through when I was lacking. Along with all the moral support, your business savy and technical support have been above and beyond the call of duty. Without you, my PC would spend more time in the shop than it does on my desk! ;) You're caring, belief, and unending support have been priceless. Thank you for being you and caring about me.

To Janet Albers:You're brother's persuasive ways and enthusiasm brought you into my world but it was your generosity and willingness to share your legal skills that have helped to bring this project to fruition. Thanks to you, MKOC has a home where all the stars can shine, secure in the knowledge that they are being represented with dignity and integrity.

To Nancy J. Winton of Real Country Gold : A great friend and webmaster who has made "Gone Country" a place that country fans depend on for all the latest links, info as well as games. Thank you for your sharing, caring and constant support of my efforts as well as all the artists and for always being there for me.

To Rodger Moore: First of all for being such a dear friend, for always lending an ear as well as your words of wisdom. I sometimes think you've worked harder at promoting MKOC than you have your own site! Thank you for the music you create starting with "On The Wings Of My Love" to "Cyberspace Cowgirl"; this is the first song anyone ever wrote for/about me!! You're a gentle heart and I treasure the friendship we've developed through the wings of cyber-space.

To Ray Roberts: For your endless energy, sense of humor, and constant support of me and MKOC. Above all thank you for your friendship and caring, for your belief in me, for always prodding me to do more and to believe in myself. I know that someday I'll be sitting front row in one of Leslie's concerts!

To Sharon Renfrey of Sharon's World Of Country: For your friendship and support of MKOC and all the artists. You've done a spectacular job of helping to promote the new talents with your own artistic talents as a webmaster!

To Jesse Beam: For being such a generous and true friend who is always willing to lend a hand. Most of all thank you for the smiles and laughter you've given me. You're priceless, my friend.

To Clinton Bailey: We met through MKOC and became friends almost instantly. As a staunch supporter of the MKOC you've always made sure I had enough room to house all the artists by signing up for more space when I'd run out. As a friend you've always provided me with moral support in my personal life as well as the site. Your endless caring and friendship are an inspiration that have become very important to me. We may be on opposite ends of the USA, but we're always on the same level. Thank you.

To Mark Solomon:
Thank you for your generosity in donating your valuable time and artistic talents to create not only the MKOC headers, banner, and matching link icons, but also the header for my pal Sharon Renfrey! And no matter how I spell it, you're a genius! (Did I get it right this time?)

To Eddie Bear of ETC Radio: Thank you for your willingness to help promote new talents by placing them in the "Spotlight" on your show. When no one else would listen to my pleas to showcase new talents, you didn't hesitate. You are a living example of what country is all about......folks helping folks! This is a big thank you from everyone; me, the artists, and the fans!

To Roy Combs, President of the Narvel Felts Fan Club: Thank you for finding MKOC and allowing me the opportunity and honor of co-representing a great man with a great talent. You're enthusiasm for Narvel's music is infectious and your generous nature is an inspiration to anyone who knows you. I'm so happy you found me and I'm proud to call you "friend".

To all the Shining Stars of MKOC: I'd be nowhere without you! Ya'll have made me feel that I'm an important part of your lives and careers. Your gratitude, generosity and friendship make all I do worthwhile. Whenever I feel tired or overwhelmed, I remember how ya'll have cared and I find the strength to continue and strive to do more. You are My Kind Of Country!

To all of you MKOC FANS!!!! No matter what I say, create, or do, MKOC could not exist without you! You're enthusiasm, suggestions, and patronage have been invaluable.



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