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My Music Collection

The * designates theme oriented compilations of different artists I put together on tape from various albums. Ex: "My Favorite Memories" is comprised of all songs about memories like The Hag's "My Favorite Memory", Shelby Lynn's "Til A Better Memory Comes Along", etc.

The "linked" names are those I have listed on my site so far....I'm working on more....time, time, and more time......follow the link to see the area of the designated artist.

Sawyer Brown Sawyer Brown Country 1985
Schascle Haunted By Real Life Rock 1991
Schuyler,Knoblock,& Bickhardt No Easy Horses Country 1987
Dan Seals The Songwriter Country 1982
Dan Seals Classics Collection Vol. 1 Country 1991
Dan Seals Walkin' The Wire Country 1991
Dan Seals My Baby's Got Good Timin' Country 1994
Dan Seals In A Quiet Room Country 1995
Dawn Sears What A Woman Wants To Hear Country 1991
Dawn Sears Nothing But Good Country 1994
Del Shannon Sings Hank Williams Country 1991
Del Shannon Runaway RocknRoll ?
Kevin Sharp Measure Of A Man Country 1996
Kevin Sharp Love Is Country 1998
Rickey Van Shelton RVS III Country 1990
Rickey Van Shelton Backroads Country 1991
Rickey Van Shelton Ultimately Fine (1986-1992) Country 1992
Rickey Van Shelton A Bridge I Didn't Burn Country 1993
Rickey Van Shelton Love and Honor Country 1994
Rickey Van Shelton Wild Eyed Dream Country 1987
Rickey Van Shelton Loving Proof Country 1989
Shenandoah Extra Mile Country 1990
Shenandoah Vicinity Of The Heart Country 1994
Daryll Singletary Daryll Singletary Country 1995
Daryll Singletary All Because Of You Country 1996
Michael W. Smith I'll Lead You Home Spiritual 1995
Jo-el Sonnier Come On Joe Cajun 1987
Jo-el Sonnier Tears Of Joy Cajun 1991
Sons Of The Desert Whatever Comes First Country 1997
Southern Pacific County Line Country 1990
Billy Jo Spears Stand By Your Man Country 1993
Keith Stegall Passages Country 1996
Gregg Stevens Forever With You Country 1997
Larry Stewart Down The Road Country 1993
Larry Stewart Heart Like A Hurricane Country 1994
Larry Stewart Why Can't You Country 1996
Rod Stewart Stay With Me ROCK 1992
Doug Stone Doug Stone Country 1990
Doug Stone I Thought It Was You Country 1991
Doug Stone From The Heart Country 1992
Doug Stone More Love (From the movie"Gordy") Country 1993
Doug Stone Faith In Me, Faith In You Country 1995
George Strait Strait Country Country 1981
George Strait Strait From The Heart Country 1982
George Strait Right Or Wrong Country 1983
George Strait Does Fort Worth Ever Cros Your Mind Country 1984
George Strait Something Special Country 1985
George Strait # 7 Country 1986
George Strait Ocean Front Property Country 1987
George Strait If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin'' Country 1988
George Strait Beyond The Blue Neon Country 1989
George Strait Livin' It Up Country 1990
George Strait Chill Of An EArly Fall Country 1991
George Strait Pure Country Country 1992
George Strait Holding My Own Country 1992
George Strait Easy Come, Easy Go Country 1993
George Strait Lead On Country 1994
George Strait Blue Clear Sky Country 1995
George Strait Carrying Your Love With Me Country 1997
Mel Street Greatest Hits Country 1987
Shelly Streeter Shelly Streeter Country 1997
Marty Stuart Tempted Country 1991
Marty Stuart Let There Be Country Country 1992
Marty Stuart Marty Stuart Country 1992
Marty Stuart This One's Gonna Hurt You Country 1992
Marty Stuart Love And Luck Country 1994
Marty Stuart The Marty Hit Pack Country 1995
Marty Stuart Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best Country 1996
Doug Supernaw Deep Thoughts From A Shallow Mind Country 1994
Doug Supernaw You Still Got Me Country 1995
Russ Taff Winds Of Change Country 1995
Les Taylor Blue Kentucky Wind Country 1991
The Fortunes All The Hits And More Pop/Rock 60'S
The Guess Who These Eyes Rock 1992
The Notting Hillbillies Missing... Country 1990
The Twelve Guage Band 12 Guage. Country 1996
B.J. Thomas 20 Greatest Hits Country 1990
Pam Tillis Homeward Looking Angel Country 1992
Pam Tillis Sweetheart's Dance Country 1994
Pam Tillis All This Love Country 1995
Johnny Tillotson Poetry In Motion RocknRoll/Country 1995
Aaron Tippen Tool Box Country 1995
Randy Travis Storms Of Life Country 1986
Randy Travis Alaways and Forever Country 1987
Randy Travis Old 8x10 Country 1988
Randy Travis No Holdin' Back Country 1989
Randy Travis Heroes And Friends Country 1990
Randy Travis Greatest Hits Vol.1 Country 1992
Randy Travis This Is Me Country 1994
Randy Travis Full Circle Country 1996
Randy Travis Randy Travis Country 1994
Randy Travis You And You Alone Country 1998
Travis Tritt Country Club Country 1990
Travis Tritt It's All Cbout To Change Country 1991
Travis Tritt T-R-O-U-B-L-E Country 1993
Travis Tritt Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof Country 1994
Travis Tritt Greatest Hits..From The Beginning Country 1995
Travis Tritt Restless Kind Country 1996
Travis Tritt No More Looking Over My Shoulder Country 1998
Tanya Tucker 20 BEST (1972-1989) Country 72-89
Tanya Tucker Girls Like Me Country 1986
Tanya Tucker Love Me Like You Used To Country 1987
Tanya Tucker Strong Enough To Bend Country 1988
Tanya Tucker Tennessee Woman Country 1990
Tanya Tucker What Do I Do With Me Country 991
Tanya Tucker Can't Run From Yourself Country 1992
Tanya Tucker Collection (1975-1992) Country 1992
Tanya Tucker Hits (1990-1992) Country 1993
Tanya Tucker Soon Country 1993
Tanya Tucker Fire To Fire Country 1995
Tanya Tucker Hits and Previosly Unreleased (Box Set) Country 1995
Tanya Tucker Complicated Country 1997
Turner Nichols Turner Nichols Country 1993
Shanai Twain Shanai Twain Country 1993
Shanai Twain The Woman In Me Country 1995
Conway Twitty Greatest Hits #2 Country 1988
Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn 20 Greatest Hits Country 1987


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