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My Music Collection

The * designates theme oriented compilations of different artists I put together on tape from various albums. Ex: "My Favorite Memories" is comprised of all songs about memories like The Hag's "My Favorite Memory", Shelby Lynn's "Til A Better Memory Comes Along", etc.

The "linked" names are those I have listed on my site so far....I'm working on more....time, time, and more time......follow the link to see the area of the designated artist.

Merle Haggard His Epic Hits-The First 11 Years Country 81-84
Dave Hahn Dave Hahn Country/Folk 1997
Keith Harling Write It In Stone Country 1998
Emmylou Harris Pofile Country 75-78
Emmylou Harris 1/4 Moon Over A 10 Cent Town Country 1978
Emmylou Harris Blue Kentucky Girl Country 1979
Emmylou Harris Roses In The Snow Country 1980
Emmylou Harris Duets Country 1990
Emmylou Harris Cowgirls Prayer Country 1993
Emmylou Harris Wrecking Ball Country 1995
Wade Hayes Old Enough To Know Better Country 1994
Wade Hayes On A Good Night Country 1996
Tariva Henderson Tariva Henderson Country 1995
Ty Herdon What Matters Most Country 1994
Ty Herdon Living In A Moment Country 1996
Ty Herdon Big Hopes Country 1998
Highway 101 Highway 101 Country 1988
Faith Hill Take Me As I Am Country 1994
Faith Hill It Matters To Me Country 1995
Kim Hill So Far So Good Country 1994
Tish Hinojosa Destiny's Gate Country 1994
Greg Holland Let Me Drive Country 1994
Ken Hollaway He Who Made The Rain Inspirational 1995
Buddy Holly The Great Buddy Holly RocknRoll 1982
James Horner The Titanic Soundtrack Soundtrack 1997
Honky Tonk Heroes Honky Tonk Heroes Country 1997
James House James House Country 1989
James House Days Gone By Country 1994
Marcus Hummon All In Good Time Country 1995
Dustin Hunt Travelin' Without Me Country 1995
Dustin Hunt Gettin' Over You Country 1996
Jesse Hunter A Man Like Me Country 1994
Brian Hyland Sealed With A Kiss RocknRoll 1987
Alan Jackson Here In The Real World Country 1989
Alan Jackson Don't Rock The Jukebox Country 1991
Alan Jackson A Lot Aout Livin' Country 1992
Alan Jackson Who I Am Country 1994
Alan Jackson The Greatest Hits Collection Country 1995
Alan Jackson Everything I Love Country 1996
Alan Jackson High Mileage Country 1997
Wanda Jackson Let's Have A Party Country 1992
Brett James Brett James Country 1995
Dave James Just Gettin' Started Country 1994
Dave James Never Lookin' Back Country 1993
Dave James Nick Of Time Country 1994
Dave James Live and Out of Control Country 1998
Waylon Jennings Later Years (RCA Years) Country 65-84
Waylon Jennings Will The Wolf Survive Country 1986
Waylon Jennings The Early Years Country 1989
Waylon Jennings Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way Country 1992
David Lynn Jones Wood, Wind And Stone Country 1990
David Lynn Jones Mixed Emotions Country 1992
George Jones My Favorites Of Hank Williams Country 73-94
George Jones Anniversary (1972-1982) Country 1982
George Jones Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes Country 1985
George Jones 14 Greats Country 1988
George Jones At His Best Country 1988
George Jones Hits Country 1988
George Jones One Woman Man Country 1989
George Jones You Oughta Be Here With Me Country 1990
George Jones And Along Came Jones Country 1991
George Jones Friends In High Places Country 1991
George Jones My Very Special Guests Country 1991
George Jones High Tech Redneck Country 1994
George Jones The Bradley Barn Sessions Country 1994
George Jones Walls Can Fall Country 1992
George Jones Once You've Had The Best Country 1992
George Jones/Tammy Wynette Hits Vol.I Country 72-82
George Jones/Tammy Wynette Super Hits Country 72-82
George Jones/Tammy Wynette Together Again Country 1980
George Jones/Tammy Wynette One Country 1995
Toby Keith Toby Keith Country 1993
Toby Keith Blue Moon Country 1996
David Kersh Goodnight Sweetheart Country 1996
Sammy Kershaw Don't Go Near The Water Country 1991
Sammy Kershaw Haunted Heart Country 1993
Sammy Kershaw Feelin' Good Train Country 1994
Sammy Kershaw Politics, Religion and Her Country 1996
Sammy Kershaw Labor Of Love Country 1997
Hal Ketchum Past The Point Of Rescue Country 1991
Hal Ketchum Sure Love Country 1992
Jeff Knight Easy Street Country 1993
Steve Kolander Steve Kolander Country 1994
Steve Kolander Pieces Of A Puzzle Country 1996


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