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My Music Collection

The * designates theme oriented compilations of different artists I put together on tape from various albums. Ex: "My Favorite Memories" is comprised of all songs about memories like The Hag's "My Favorite Memory", Shelby Lynn's "Til A Better Memory Comes Along", etc.

The "linked" names are those I have listed on my site so far....I'm working on more....time, time, and more time......follow the link to see the area of the designated artist.

Lacy J. Dalton Chains In The Wind Country 1982
Lacy J. Dalton. Survivor Country 1989
Dale Daniel Luck Of Our Own Country 1994
Davis Daniel Fighting Fire With Fire Country 1991
Davis Daniel Davis Daniel Country 1994
Davis Daniel I Know A Place Country 1996
Linda Davis Shoot For The Moon Country 1994
Skeeter Davis The Essential Skeeter Davis Country 1995
Curtis Day Curtis Day Country 1995
Billy Dean Young Man ountry 1990
Billy Dean Billy Dean Country 1991
Billy Dean Fire In The Dark Country 1993
Martin Delray Get Rhythm Country 1990
Martin Delray What Kind Of Man Country 1992
Wesley Dennis Wesley Dennis Country 1995
Dessert Rose Band Running Country 1988
Dessert Rose Band Pages Of Life Country 1990
Dessert Rose Band A Dozen Roses Country 1991
Dessert Rose Band True Love Country 1992
Dessert Rose Band Traditional Country 1993
Neil Diamond Tennessee Moon Country 1996
Diamond Rio Closse To The Edge Country 1992
Diamond Rio Love A Little Stronger Country 1994
Diamond Rio Diamond Rio 1V Country 1996
Steve Dickinson Blindside Country/Rockk 1997
Joe Diffie 1,000 Winding Roads Country 1990
Joe Diffie Regular Joe Country 1992
Dean Dillon Hot, Country, And Single Country 1991
Dean Dillon Out Of Your Ever Lovin' Mind Country 1991
Dixiana Dixiana Country 1992
George Ducas George Ducas Country 1994
George Ducas Where I Stand Country 1996
Holly Dunn Across The Rio Grande Country 1988
Holly Dunn Heat Full Of Love Country 1990
Holly Dunn Life Love And All The Stages Country 1995
Holly Dunn Getting It Dunn Country 1992
John E Getting By Country 1997
Eagles Eagles Hits (1971-1975) ROCK 1975
Eagles When Hell Freezes Over ROCK 1994
Daryll and Don Ellis No Sir Country 1992
Emilio Life Is Good Country 1995
Ty England Ty England Country 1995
Sara Evans Three Chords And The Truth Country 1997
Sara Evans No Place That Far Country 1998
Everly Brothers Golden Hits Rock 1990
Skip Ewing Greatest Hits Country 89-91
Skip Ewing The Coast Of Colorado Country 1988
Skip Ewing A Healing Fire Country 1990
Skip Ewing Naturally Country 1991
Skip Ewing Homegrown Love Country 1993
Exile Something Good Country 83-91
Exile Keeping It Country Country 1990
Exile Justice Country 1991
Narvel Felts Did You Tell Me Rockabilly 57-60
Narvel Felts Drift Away Country 73-79
Narvel Felts Portrait Of My Life Country 1989
Narvel Felts Sincerely Your Friend Vol.1 Country 1996
Narvel Felts Season's Greetings Country ?
Narvel Felts The Very Best Of Narvel Felts Country 1997
Charlie Floyd Charles' Nite Life Country 1993
Forester Sisters Come Hold Me Country 1990
Forester Sisters Talkin' 'Bout Men Country 1991
David Foster David Foster Rock 1990
Radney Foster Texas Del Rio 1959 Country 1993
Radney Foster Labor Of Love Country 1995
Foster and Lloyd Versions Of The Truth Country 1990
Jainie Frickie Celebration Country 77-87
Jainie Frickie Black And White Country 1986
Jainie Frickie Labor Of Love Country 1989
Jainie Frickie Now And Then Country 1993
Jainie Frickie Sweet And Sassy Country 78-91
Lefty Frizell The Best Of Lefty Country ?
Larry Gatlin Night Time Magic Country 72-95
Gatlin Brothers Pure 'N' Simple Country 1989
Gatlin Brothers Greatest hits Encore Country 1991
Gatlin Brothers Moments To Remeber Classics 1993
Keith Gattis Keith Gattis Country 1996
Gerry And The Pacemakers Golden Hits Rock 60'S
Don Gibson 18 Greatest Hits Country 1990
Rick Giles Debut (compilation) Country 1995
Vince Gill Whenever I Call Your Name Country 1989
Vince Gill Pocket Full Of Gold Country 1991
Vince Gill I Never Knew Lonely Country 1992
Vince Gill I Still Believe In You Country 1992
Vince Gill When Love Finds You Country 1993
Vince Gill Souvenirs Country 1995
Vince Gill The Key Country 1998
Mickey Gilley 10 Years Of Hits Country 74-78
Mickey Gilley Mellow Country Country 1991
Vern Gosdin The Best Of Vern Gosdin Country 78-88
Vern Gosdin Super Hits Country 87-93
Vern Gosdin Alone Country 1989
Vern Gosdin 10 Years Of Hits Country 1990
Vern Gosdin Out Of My Heart Country 1991
Vern Gosdin It's Not Over Country 1992
Vern Gosdin Friday Night Feeling Country 1992
Vern Gosdin Nickels and Dimes Country 1993
Tammy Graham Tammy Graham Country 1997
Great Plains Homeland Country 1996
Lee Greenwood Greatest Hits Country 81-85
Lee Greenwood Inside Out Country 1982
Lee Greenwood Streamline Country 1985
Lee Greenwood If There's Any Justice Country 1987
Lee Greenwood If Only For One Night Country 1989
Lee Greenwood A Perfect 10 Country 1991
Lee Greenwood Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hand Country 1991
Lee Greenwood When You're In Love Country 1991
Lee Greenwood Love's On The Way Country 1992
Lee Greenwood The Best Of Lee Greenwood Country 1993
Lee Greenwood Best Of Lee Greenwood Country 1995
Lee Greenwood This Is My Country Country 1988
Lee Greenwood God Bless The USA Country 1990
Lee Greenwood Holdin' A Good Hand Country 1990
Ricky Lynn Gregg Ricky Lynn Gregg Country 1993
Ricky Lynn Gregg Get A Little Closer Country 1994
Clinton Gregory Music 'N Me Country 1990
Clinton Gregory Clinton Gregory Country 1995
Clinton Gregory (If It Weren't For Country Music) I'd Go Crazy Country 1991
Clinton Gregory Freeborn Man Country 1992
Clinton Gregory Master Of Illusion Country 1993



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