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Benefit Concerts

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Need a break for yourself a that special someone?
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CAF is growing and gaining recognition thanks to Country Music Artists and their staunch support.

Events are posted on CAF

Thanks to all our sponsors and all of the country artists who give of their time and talent to save our children!

Special thanks to Jimmy and Lorraine Smart of Nashville Video Showcase for the great benefit they hosted for CAF. 
Get all the details on their site along with tons of photos of the stars that shone their light on CAF such as the legendary Miss Kitty Wells

Performing Artists for CAF

Kitty Wells & Johnny Wright
Bobby Wright & the Tennessee Mtn. Boys
(Whispering) Bill Anderson
Clinton Gregory
Jimmy & Lorraine Smart
Lois Johnson and JoeDon Silvers w/ Sudie Calloway

MKOC Artists:
Hoyt Hughes
Joe & Tamra Tinoco
Tecia McKenna with Shane Carter
, The Stars Over Kentuckianna Singers
Bobby Mountain
Jesse Wilson
Harold Hill
Tonya Rae
Greg Wilson
Hannah Michael
Faye Martin
Tim Lamun
Debbie Dukes

And More Artists:
Tabletop Production's Skip & Shay Gosnell, Jimmy & Lorraine Smart, Terri Lynn, Will Clements, Destin Allen, Nashville Fats, Michael Herring, Tara Moonshadow, John Wendell and Cyndia Turner-Wendell, Joel Keller, Sam Storey, Lacie Lee Thornhill, Una Belle Wertz & Bob Krouse, Joe Strickland, Tim Vaughn, Brandi Ward, Troy Martin, Juliet Pfeiffer, Blind Dog Gatewood, [Nashville's] Al Green, Stuart Gleason, Pearly Curtis, Johnathon & Tammy, Darcy Lee, Phil Kennedy, Gordon Ellis,  , David Carlson, Tallie Nichols, Scott Pennell, , Kristin Valent and Leonard Lowthian,
  Skip Gosnell's band, Nightwatch,
The Curtis Jones Band, Terry Wedner, Jesse Norton with Blue Kudzu Band, , Christan Raxter, Sheri Grady, Kim Anthony, The Jones Boys Band, Sylvie Galloway, Larry Speers, Jim Clark, Angie and Kim Dorlan, Scott Pennell from Edrick Records, Bo Frye, Inez Nanney, Christan Raxter, Dewayne Whittaker, Dana Howell, Dianne Coburn and Joyce Young, Ira Allen, Charlie Rogers, Judi Martin, Bobby G. Rice, Sara Grady, Dave Wooten


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