"I Asked Her For A Dance"

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1.   Braile Driving
2.   Let Me Go Girl
3.   I Asked Her For A Dance
4.   You Got A Funny Way
5.   Life Goes On
6.   Toenail Scratches
7.   Could Have Sworn It Was An Angel
8.   Second Chance At Love
9.   Could I Have This Dance
10. Seems Like A Dream

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Countrified Real Love


"A Little At A Time"

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1.  Countrified Real Love
2.  Rearview Mirror
3.  Say Goodbye
4.  Bad News Blues
5.  Can't Change Your Mind
6.  A Little At A Time
7.  Hope You Can Forgive Me
8.  Springtime
9.  God's Hand
10. Will I
11. Free Wheelin'

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