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“The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money”

Finally! "Insider" advice you've been missing

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30 day money back guarantee for soft bound book!

SPECIAL SALE - Limited time only

Make Money in Music!

Sell More Music, Get a Record Deal, Get information on Publishing Deals, Film/TV Placement!

Are you tired of sending out your CDs to people you think can help you
in the music industry only to find out they ended up in the trash?!

How many times does this have to happen? The Ultimate Guide To Music Success will guide you through the jungle of the music industry, helping you to make an impact with your music.

Newly updated with more contact names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers than we can count!  In its 9th edition, this trusted manual will help you succeed and win where you have failed in the past! 

Buy today and you'll receive a Free 15 minute consultation with Jaci Rae with your purchase valued at $79.98. (Jaci is a highly sought after consultant, making $350 an hour for her expertise) 

As an added bonus - if you buy here today, you'll receive $4800.00 worth of audio advice from some of the leading experts in the music industry available instantly once your order is processed! Who are we talking about?  Cord Coslor (one of the top booking agents), Miller Hogan (top entertainment attorney), Ernie Ashworth (Grand Ole Opry Star and Country Hall of Fame Legend) and many many more!

But hurry before this offer expires!
Purchase The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money

The Ultimate Guide To Music Success is the book you need to get the people you want to notice you in the entertainment industry! This comprehensive guide reveals the secrets to:

* Show Business, how to put on a show AND learn the business just like Britney Spears, Madona and 6
* Business 11
* Inside the 43
* Finding the People You Need to Make Your Recording a 52
* Landing 136
* Finding a 142
* The Press 166
* Promoting Your CD to 174
* The Demo Kit for A&R 179
* Finding a 216
* Music Performance 270
* Places to Apply for Grants for Touring 309
* And much, much more!

Plus you'll find up-to-date lists of DJ contact information, addresses to send your CDs for reviews, music industry contacts, music stores, record labels, and recording studios including email addresses, phones numbers, etc.

Jaci's books have received rave reviews in such premier newspapers as The Washington Post and The Tennessean. Jaci's music and books are available at many retail establishments across the US, including Barnes and Noble, Sam Goody, Borders, Tower Records and more. You can also enjoy Jaci's music, one song at a time by downloading from iTunes or any of the other download sites!

Visa and Master Card accepted when you're ready to make your purchase!

Also Available in Jaci's Store:

  • CD - Can't Push A River

  • CD - Downhome Girl

  • CD - Jaci Rae


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