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Books to Aid the Independent Artist


IndieBible2007small.jpg (5712 bytes)
The Indie Contact Bible 8th Edition
A Must for ALL Indie Artists!

jacirae_cover_lores.jpg (2126 bytes)
The Indie Guide to
Music, Marketing & Money

GuerrillaMusicMarketingBook.gif (11114 bytes)
The Guerrilla Music
Marketing Handbook

MusicBusinessBook_3.jpg (5527 bytes)
Make $100,000/year
in the Music Buisness
HowToBeYourOwnBookingAgent.jpg (7668 bytes)
How To Be Your Own Booking Agent
And Save
Thousands Of Dollars
MusicBusinessGoalPlanner.jpg (2906 bytes)
Music Business Goal Planner
(52 Weeks to...

Egan - the author of acclaimed biographies of Jimi Hendrix and The Animals - has interviewed some of the biggest names in songwriting history for the project, including Leiber & Stoller, Mann & Weil, Greenwich & Barry, Chip Taylor, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Tony Macaulay and Stock, Aitken & Waterman. Their anecdotes feature the likes of Elvis Presley, Phil Spector, Eric Clapton, The Shangri-Las, Diana Ross and Jimi Hendrix. As well as the human interest angle, there is considerable technical information about the craft of composition. The result is a recounting of the history of post-Elvis popular music from an intriguing and delightful lateral angle.

"Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life"

A winning guide to great relationships!, May 11, 2005
Reviewer:    Kevin A. Decker "Chief Relationships Officer," (Fairfax, VA USA)

Winning Points With The Woman In Your LifeAs an Author, Coach, and Motivational Speaker I read a lot of books about people, their motivations, and their relationships. Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time is filled with great information and it's fun!

Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time is an exellent guide for you to build, strengthen, and enhance your relationship with the love of your life. The football metaphor will help you easily understand concepts, ideas, and subjects that guys typically aren't taught. Don't put this book on your shelf, leave it on your desk where you can refer to it often as you score touchdown after touchdown with the woman you love!

This great book from Jaci Rae is for you too. It will help you understand just where your guy is coming from and why he does the things he does. The chapter for women on recruiting and stats alone is worth the price of your ticket to the game.

I've been studying relationships for years and Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time by Jaci Rae is a resource that I'm happy to have on my bookshelf. Get yourself a copy today!

Kevin Decker, CRO


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