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Men Of Country

DavidLeeMurphy.jpg (4109 bytes)

 David Lee Murphy

While David was appearing at the Cleveland Country music Festival my mother and I saw him going to his bus as we strolled by the back fence. I shouted out his name and waved my picture of him and he came to the fence to sign his autograph for us both. He was to appear on stage shortly, but was gracious enough to spare a moment for us and chat just before his show. I will never forget your generosity, David. You have found life long devotion from my mother and me!

David Lee Murphy Official Site

David Lee Murphy Merchandise

JonRandall.jpg (3496 bytes)

Jon Randall

Jon graced EmmyLou Harris with his beginning years in her band and has gone on to a great beginning for his own career. I don't feel the radio stations play enough of him.

Jon Randall Official Sites 1 and 2

Jon Randall Merchandise

JeffCarson.jpg (3459 bytes)

Jeff Carson

He's got the looks, the voice, and the heart and soul of country. What more does he need? How about more air time on the radio!!!!

Jeff Carson Official Site

Jeff Carson Merchandise

KeithStegall.jpg (3892 bytes)

Keith Stegall

Keith has produced for the top artists including Alan Jackson. Now he has finally made a record of his own and I have to wonder...What took you so long, Keith?? Keith's songs on the LP are based on the thoughts of a middle aged man. It's so original and honest and wonderfully done that you will love it whether you're male of female. I think it helps to give us all a bit of insight into our own souls. Great Album, Keith! I will be waiting for the next one to come out!

Keith Stegall

Keith Stegall Merchandise

azar.jpg (3042 bytes)

Steve Azar

Steve's first album got very little recognition from the airwaves....but plenty of attention on my CD player! If you haven't had the pleasure...don't cheat yourself from hearing an up and coming talent. Sooner or later the stations have to wise up and start playing something besides the same 12 songs every hour!!

Steve Azar Official Site

Steve Azar Merchandise

GaryAllan.jpg (4494 bytes)

Gary Allan

I don't think there's anything I could say about Gary that the review covered by MCA Records hasn't already said....and with much more finesse than I am capable of. :) It's rather funny, but before my Ma ever heard him sing, she bought his CD because my brother's name is Gary Allen (Allen being his middle name..with an "e" vs. the "a"). She figured with that name, she couldn't go wrong. Ma's right again! PS. As it turns out, Allan is actually Gary Allan's middle name as well! Go figure!

The Official Gary Allan Site

Gary Allan Merchandise

BradPaisley.jpg (4154 bytes)

Brad Paisley

None of us here in the Ohio Valley can take credit for Brad's extensive talent but we're all as proud of him as if we were. For those who don't know, Brad was born and raised in the small town of Glendale, WV which is about 15 miles down the river (Ohio River) from Wheeling, WV where Brad performed at the Capitol Theater since he was 9 years old. Each year he returns home to perform at the Jamboree in the Hills which is held in Morgantown, OH. Jamboree in the Hills is the "Woodstock" of country music and Brad first performed there when he was about 11 (or 14... the memory fades as ya get older). Though he now lives in Nashville, his roots are bogged in river mud.. the Ohio River mud!

Brad Paisley Official Site

Brad Paisley Merchandise

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