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My Favorite Men Of Country

DougStone.jpg (3603 bytes)

 Doug Stone

Doug is the sweetest, funniest, most romantic, man I have ever encountered. Just to gaze into his eyes gives one so much satisfaction, he wouldn't have to sing....yet when he does it is so beautiful and heartfelt that you cannot help falling in love with him all over again. You won my heart, Doug........You ARE my heart........... Stay well!

Doug Stone Official WebSite

Get Doug Stone CDs Here

rtravis.jpg (5637 bytes)

Randy Travis

Randy is a fail-safe, sure-fired winner when it comes to entertainment. From singing to acting Randy constantly pleases us with his talents. Oh Lucky Lib!! And to keep it honest, Lucky Randy for finding the woman who has helped him to become the great man that we know and love! Thanks Lib!

Randy Travis Home Page

The Randy Travis Room (UK site)

Get Randy Travis CDs Here

TravisTritt.jpg (5676 bytes)

Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt has the inate ability to bring a tear to your eye...and before you can wipe it dry...he has you rockin' your heart out! Visit Travis' Home Page. It's loaded with pics, info, wav files, and a page of links to several great country sites!

Travis Tritt's Home Page

Get Travis Tritt CDs Here

CollinRaye.jpg (3844 bytes)

  Collin Raye

I fell in love with Collin's music the moment I heard him sing. I rushed out to buy his album and have continued to love and support Collin since. He is dynamic on stage, and stays true to his ideals without losing sight of his values. While I have ALL of Collin's albums, my favorites are still his first two, "All I Can Be" (1991) and "In This Life" (1992). His latest CD, "The Walls Came Down"  has gone back to that style adding another to my list of favs!
Collin Raye Official Site

Get Collin Raye CDs Here

aj_cd.jpg (4620 bytes)

Alan Jackson

"You know that song, 'Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?' I Don't know wheather I can fill 'em but I'd sure like to try 'em on."

Hey AJ! Look at the bottom of those long legs! You're in 'em, man!

Official Alan Jackson Web Site

Get Alan Jackson CDs Here

Ricky Van Shelton

Ricky has been a long time favorite of mine. He has a special way of driving a feeling right where you live and his point is always so beautifully taken.
Great News!! RVS has to taken his career and put it into the most capable hands ever...his own! Ricky now has his own recording company, "RVS Records" and his first release, "Making Plans" is now available exclusively at Walmart or on Ricky's new site which is loaded with news, Real Audio clips of his music, photos, his paintings, books, just about anything you wanna know.
Ricky Van Shelton's Official Web Site

Get Ricky Van Shelton CDs Here


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