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My Favorite Men Of Country

This section of MKOC was created in the mid 90's ... needless to say, a lot of the photos are not recent ones. I've recently updated the looks and links but much of what was already here is still.... here.

Willie.jpg (18798 bytes) Willie Nelson

Willie....what more can anyone say about Willie? Condemned by many as a rebel, but thankfully blessed by the good Lord above with honesty, heart, soul and unlimited talent that no mortal's opinion can diminish. He's the king in my eyes (and ears). Willie has given more to country music than anyone and is the essence of country and caring. He has always been able to put in words and music what we feel and can't express...yet it always sounds so simple and easy as it flows from his heart to ours.

Willie Nelson Homepage

Get Willie's CDs Here

Get Willie's DVDs Here

Willie is one of the National Spokespersons for the
Country Legends Association
Hear Willie Nelson speak about CLA - In Real Audio

strait2.jpg (5098 bytes) George Strait

George is classic country heart and soul

.......from day one to forever.......

George Strait Official Site

George Strait's Fan Homepage

Get George Strait CDs Here

wade.jpg (2840 bytes)

Wade Hayes

See pics from my personal collection taken in 1996...Wade Hayes at the Cleveland Country Music Festival

Visit my special pages dedicated to Wade Hayes for Real Audio, pics and more links to Wade Hayes sites.

Get Wade Hayes CDs Here

Mark Chesnutt

Mark is another man who has stayed true to the his roots and his music reflects this from his heartfelt lovesongs to his honky tonkin'.

See Mark Chestnutt's personal Homepage! It's a wonderfully created site and filled with pictures and music, touring info, fan club info, etc.

Mark Chesnutt's Official Website

Get Mark Chesnutt CDs Here




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