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Wade is byfar the BEST newcomer to enter the ring of stardom. His voice is rich and honest......his manor completely earthbound and fun......and his eyes are pools to fall into while drowning in complete serenity. I had the pleasure of not only seeing but talking to Wade at the Cleveland Country Music Festival and he was as easy to talk to as your next door neighbor. His presence on stage was electric and his devotion to music was obvious as he sat at the back of the stage during the shows of all the other stars, clearly enjoying their performance and leaving one to believe that he was at the same time studying each act so as not to miss any lesson he may learn from his peers. I have never seen another performer so enthralled and enthused by his surroundings while maintaining a clear perspective of who he is, where he comes from, and the path he is destined to follow. You have my greatest admiration and lifetime support, Wade!

I've tried to think of the best way to describe what Wade's music does for me. The bottom line is, if just once in my life someone gave me as much heartfelt emotion as Wade portrays in his music, I'd consider myself the luckiest person alive.

When The Wrong One Loves You Right


When The Wrong One Loves You Right

How Do You Sleep At Night

This Is My Heart Talking Now

Tore Up From The Floor Up

If I Wanted To Forget

Mine To Lose

1998 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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