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Narvelized CD

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L. V. Bryant

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After more than a year in the making my new CD, "Super Songs Narvelized" is finally here. The new tracks range from "Baby Let's Play House" to "Stranger on the Shore", new songs, "Till Sundown" and "Tally Ho". Remastered songs included "Somebody Hold Me", "Pink and Black Days", "Since I Don't Have You" and "On My Word of Honor". Ten (10) new tracks, 9 memories make 19 songs in all!

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1.   Lotta Lovin'
2.   You Don't Know Me
3.   Till Sundown
4.   Baby Let's Play House
5.   Strangers on the Shore
6.   Earth Angel
7.   Tally Ho
8.   Don't Do It Darlin'
9.   Cara Mia
10. Great Balls of Fire
11. Somebody Hold Me
12. Even Now
13. Loretta
14. Pink and Black Days
15. Convicted
16. On My Word of Honor
17. I'm Headin' Home
18. Since I Don't Have You
19. Four Seasons of Life

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Narvel, Loretta & Bub
"I dedicate this CD to my precious wife, Loretta and in memory of our beloved son, 'Bub' (1964-1995). He played on tracks 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 19."

Narvel Felts
July 25, 2002

In 1962 my wife, Loretta and I fell in love dancing to "Stranger on the Shore", which was a #1 instrumental hit by Acker Bilk at the time.

For this reason I'd recorded a vocal version of this great song for my 2002 CD, "Super Songs Narvelized". It was released as a single to radio on the Hot Disc Compilation in January 2003.

On June 30th, while Loretta and I were having breakfast at home, listening to Cousin Carl & Susan on KWKZ Cape Girardeau, Missouri, they announced that my recording, "Stranger on the Shore" was #1 on the Indie World Chart. They played it. Loretta and I danced to it again on our Kitchen floor while my version was playing on the radio. It had been 41 years since we'd danced on the Top Hat Club dance floor in Kennett, Missouri while Acker Bilk's record played on the juke box.

Narvel Felts
July 8, 2003

September 2, 2002 - "Super Songs Narvelized" Released

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IndieWorld Country Record Report
"Strangers on the Shore" is # 8 week ending, June 6, 2003!

Narvel's song "Tally Ho" started out #40 in the IndieWorld charts...last week the song was #19 and this week it is #11....very impressive... "Stranger on the Shore" dropped from #1 last week to #10, then as of Friday, it dropped to #23.
"Ballad of Narvel Felts" has hit the charts!"
Reported by Essie

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Super Songs Narvelized
Read this GREAT review of Narvel's latest album, "Super Songs, Narvelized"

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