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Songwriting Information Site - THE resource for Songwriting!

Blackbird Star Music
Blackbird Star Music (BMI) is a music publishing company that offers pop-influenced country songs and ballads perfect for both established and future stars! Our music has been recorded worldwide, featured on radio and television, and even recorded by a finalist on Fox TV's American Idol program. If you're looking for songs for your next project, check us  out!

Clayton Sawyer
A postal worker with a heart of gold as well as being a talented songwriter, Clayton Sawyer, who has contributed a beautiful song to the Child Protection Site. His music is presented in RA sung by a very talented singer, Eric Wagner.

Country Rose
Diane, known to most of her friends on the net as "Country Rose", is a songwriter born and raised in California. There are no sound files, but Diane has listed all her songs with the lyrics to showcase her talent.

Craig W. Ledford
Writer of original words and music to contemporary, country, southern, and traditional gospel songs. His songs are receiving national recognition due to their spiritual content and originality. Please visit this Christian website and check out some song clips of several of Craig's songs! You'll be glad that you took the time!

Songwriters can be a strange breed...and that includes Drew. He is both ridiculously simple and extremely complex; fascinated by the struggles of human emotion and the workings of the human mind. As a child, he studied these things and wrote about them in song. As a young man, he lived them, and wrote about them in song. As a slightly older (*smile*) and hopefully much wiser young man, he watches others wallow thru them...and writes about them in song.
"Don't Take Your Memory" is his debut CD and you can listen to some of the songs on his site which were recorded with Sweetfire Records.

Global SIngers And Songwriters Association
The Global Singers and Songwriters Association was formed to to address the needs of promising artists, to unite these seekers into a fellowship of craftsmen from around the world and help them market their talent.

Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine
We are currently accepting CD's from independent artists for review in our "Ear Food" column.

James Kennedy
Hard core traditional country songwriter who has great songs for artists in need of REAL country music!

Juanita Ford
Juanita has enjoyed writing song lyrics since 1972.  "My favorites are "Traditional Country" songs and "Gospel" lyrics.  I have a collection of over 5000 song lyrics that I have written over the past 25 years. Please let me know if you would like a DEMO TAPE so you can listen to a sample of my songs."

Julie Layne Bloeth
Julie Layne Bloeth is a lyricist and composer. She says, “I enjoy all music, but I’m country at heart”. She draws from her own experiences, and those of the people she meets, to create her unique songs and acoustic sound. “While it’s difficult to put yourself ‘out there', you reach a point in your life where you can either share what you've learned or you can hide behind wishful thinking.

Kent Newsome Of Err Bear Music, Inc.
Kent Newsome (BMI) is a recorded songwriter who has been writing songs for over twenty years. Most of his songs are somewhere between traditional country and alternative country, with a few folk and rock and roll numbers thrown in for good measure. Kent is actively seeking collaborations with experienced composers/songwriters for both the "Available" songs on his site and new projects. There are several demos listed on his page in Real Audio.

Err Bear Music, Inc. (BMI) is a publishing company Kent formed in 1977, when his first song was recorded. Err Bear Music continues to administer the majority of Kent's catalog. In addition, Blackbird Star Music (BMI) publishes a number of Kent's songs. If you're looking for some great songs for your next recording project, drop Kent a line. He'll send you a demo CD or tape.

Marilyn Oakley
Marilyn Oakley of Wisconsin is a songwriter  (lyricist) who's had some of her songs recorded by independent artists.

Country artist Brandi Ward has recorded "Country Girl's Gonna Rock & Roll" on her "Windows To My Soul" album, and plans to record more of Marilyn's material. Eileen Balzano from Florida, has recorded songs written or cowritten by Marilyn, which are included on her debut Steppin In, titles of the songs are: "I'm A Woman Of Your World", "Steppin In To Steppin Out Tonight", "Night Wolf Lover", "Loving In The Dark", "Those Days Are Gone", "Heaven's Window Pane", "Little Love Bug" and "I Am The Music". New artist Bill Scull Jr. from FLorida has released a single cowritten by Marilyn called "A Night Without Love".

Marilyn's publisher is Four Queens And A Jack Publishing from Ft. Worth Texas, Jack Nordin, owner & president.

Mickey McBride the "MusicMan"
Mickey is not only an up and coming songwriter, he's a facscinating person with a history that enriches his abilities in composing as well as a keen knowledge of the business. Visit his site and to learn more about this talented "Musicman". Read his lyrics and listen to the music that goes with them.

Norma Lee
Norma saw Jesus in a dream as the year 2000 was starting and her life is changing. Norma went from a housewife to a songwriter. She is becoming a very successful songwriter. She has 4 recordings at this time. She was one of the winners two years in a row at Paramount Group Summer Contest. She was number one of a special CD fixed by Paramount Group with a song called "Give me Someone Special to Love". They said on the CD that the artist and songwriter was the future star of tomorrow. She has her own publishing company now called "America Be Proud Publishing". Norma wants the world to know if you see Jesus he is getting ready to do something in your life.

Original Song Site
If you are looking for new Original Country songs, you should check out new site which changes weekly as new songs are added! You can hear partial clip of songs, to get idea on the Lyrics, Melody, and Arrangement for each song!

Paul Hock's Songwriter's Page
For Music Resource Sites on the United Nations of Songwriters Page and a good selection on the Links Page of Canada Country.
A custom drum track service.  I provide top of the line professional drum tracks for the home studio producer who would rather use real drums than loops or drum machine.

Rick Paul
Rick Paul is a published songwriter based in Southern California. He specializes in writing country, pop/rock, and adult contemporary, while also writing in other genres. He has also composed music for a musical theater work. He also sings and plays piano and other keyboard instruments. Rick has many Real Audio files of his music demos on his site and I for one can attest to his talent as a songwriter. His ballads are my favorite (of course) but make sure to bookmark this site to hear them all and learn all about Rick.

Robert B. Knox
(aka R. Barry Knox, aka Songfather, aka Shon'Soro)
I am a songwriter, producer and publisher of original songs about love, life and relationships. Love of music is and always has been my motivation. I am music. I use several songwriting methods, the newest production techniques and the latest audio equipment to create uniqueness. I do hope any listener will find my work original, creative, but most of all - entertaining. If you are a radio personality/disk jockey or media representative, perhaps the following information will assist you in commenting about my creative work.

Steve Dickinson
Steve Dickinson and Brian Tannahill are songwriters from Owen Sound, Ontario Canada. Their credits include several Songwriting Contest winning songs, radio jingles, and many "custom-written" songs.

Songwriters Corner
Farris Crawford of Zestspear Music has this site is for unknown songwriters, like himself and a host of others. Zestspear Music is now accepting CDs and tapes for review for publishing / marketing on this site ZestSpear is a BMI publisher.#L3015 This site is loaded with Real Audio music samples of several artists.

Ricky Lee Ponder
Ricky grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where he currently resides. Ricky likes several types of music, but his main interest lies in Traditional Country Music. You'll find a good sampling of Ricky's music in streaming Real Audio or downloadable mp3s.

Virginia Smith
Virginia's  first song, " God Will Take Care of the Crippled" was never recorded, but other songs such as "My Jesus, He Can", "The Weeeping Prophet" and "Singing A Country Girl Song" have been recorded by regional artist. She is the owner of Cindy Records, which she started in 1976. Her publishing company, Mojoey's Music, became a reality in August 1992, When it was accepted by ASCAP and licensed by the the State of Florida. Visit Virginia Smith's site for more information and to hear some great demos of her songwriting talent.

"The Song Factory"
Need a song or help with a song? Contact the Song Factory.

Songwriting Education Resource
The Songwriting Education Resource is designed to provide you with educational articles on the craft of songwriting, as well as inform you of upcoming songwriting courses and seminars.

Susan Kahon
I am 59 years old from Medford, Wisconsin...a small farming community. I always loved Narvel Felts and the old doo-wop artists... so I started to write. I have had several published works but the latest one song ,"Remember me" which I attach is the one John Caldwell will record in Nashville shortly .I just love to write stories within a song.

Toby Darling
Toby took up songwriting seriously in 1994, joining the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers, the International Songwriters' Association and BASCA. He has since written over 240 songs, and gained membership of the Performing Right Society (PRS) and Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS).

The Songwriter's Blueprint
Help for songwriters

Uni Song
UNISONG was founded by songwriters for songwriters, striving to bring songwriters across the world together and benefit the global songwriting community at large. It hosts an extensive international songwriter resource section, Music Bridge and an annual international song contest that benefits songwriters, Amnesty International and other songwriting organizations.


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