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Stars On The Horizon

Click on the artist's pic to go to their personal homepage. Those hosted on my site are also listed in text links. Be sure to visit both!

Mike Bella

Mike Bella

Mike has gained rave reviews from some of the top country music critics in the buisness, and from all over the world. His Bakersfield sound has made him the idol of fans across the US as well as Europe and his acclaim is well deserved! Visit Mike's site and listed to his music... don't forget to try, "Here Comes The Hurt Again".!

DeAnn Sanders

DeAnne Sanders

DeAnne is a new, young star on the horizon. She hasn't cut a full album as yet but it's in the works. There are currently 3 songs available for you to hear and I highly recommend, "Nothin' Like A Good Rain". The music background is soft leaving her voice to remain clearly in the forefront as it should be. The tinkling of the piano keys that sound like soft drops of rain really add to the flavor of the verse as did the quiet thunder in the background. All in all, a great production and like me, I'm sure you'll be anxiously awaiting her new album to be completed.

Steve Zuwala

Steve Zuwala

What a wonderful new talent for Country Music!!!!

I'm ashamed to admit that it's been very hard for me to keep up with requests for reviews and even adding links. To my own detriment, Steve contacted me nearly a year ago and I just now found the time to visit his site and hear his music... talk about kickin' myself... !

Steve's got it all! That rich baritone voice that sends shivers down one's spine, great looks, which aren't a must to me, but hey, let's be realistic, it sure doesn't hurt to look at him, and finally, a very talented songwriter. Steve has 2 albums currently out. One is traditional country called "Heartbreak" and  the other is country gospel called, "So Help Me God". Rather than have me ramble on, take my advise NOW... visit Steve's site and here his music for yourself.... this is one artist you don't want to miss and please, don't take a year to visit then kick yourself for not listening to the voice of experience... it hurts!

CrystalWhite.jpg (2578 bytes)

Crystal White

Crystal recorded "River Of Life" in Nashville's Hilltop Records with producer,
Russel Sims.  "River Of Life" is playing all over the US on gospel radio
so remember to call in and request!

Ron Wayne Atwood

Ron Wayne Atwood

This ‘Outlaw Cowboy’ spent a lot of time rounding up the songs for his debut album. His producer, Joe Allen, took hold of the reins and let Ron run with it! We think you’ll like the finished product! Ron Wayne would like to thank all his fans, musicians, technicians, singers, writers who helped make this album possible!



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