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Stars On The Horizon
Click on the artist's pic to go to their personal homepage. Those hosted on my site are also listed in text links. Be sure to visit both!

Kregg Nance Kregg Nance

Kregg say's, "I'm Kregg Nance and I am going to humbly ask you to consider my music. Some call it country. I call it the hits and misses of a lifetime of taking chances. Please take a look around, read the words and listen if you like. Thanks for a little bit of your valuable time." Marli says, "Don't miss this one or you'll be soooorrrryyyyy!"

Jed Lance

Jed Lance is making quite a name for himself in Nashville. Visit his Official Homepage to hear his music and you'll see why!

Joe Betsy Mayberry

JoBetsy is a promising new singer working her way "all over God's country" to be heard. You won't have to go that far, just follow the link to her site where you can hear her music in Wav or Real Audio. Her music can also be found on Global Showcase.

William Mills William Mills

Go Ahead! Make His Day!

Another star on the horizon! William is a great singer/songwriter with a style that hints at a potpourri of influences while maintaining his own unique style. William is brand new to the net...but not for long! Visit his site and HEAR his music!

Mark Alan Threadgill Mark Alan Threadgill

Wav files tempting you to want more....Mark is another young artist in Texas destined for big things

Terry Crockett Terry Crocket

Terry Crockett is breaking into the scene in music and now on the net. Visit this Terry's site then go to Country Showcase to hear a great RA file of his music. Thanks to my good net pal Teri Brown for creating Country Showcase and supplying us with the music! ;)

Country Connection

Country Connection

Meet Heather and Doug, "Country Connection", the biggest twisters to hit Kansas since Dorothy returned from Oz!


Di Anne Di Anne

Country Music Artist from Picayune, MS. Di Anne! is now recording some original songs hopefully to be released by the first of the year. She is performing now is south Mississippi and Louisiana and will soon be expanding.

Graham Graham Bleasedale

Canadian artist, Graham Bleasedale's CD, titled "Lookin' For Love" can be heard in MPG, Wav, or Vivo. You have to try at least one...then another, and another......

Brad Hawkins Brad Hawkins

Brad is a Curb/Universal Recording Artist as well as an actor who appeared in "Shake Rattle & Roll"

Chris Cummings Chris Cummings

Canadian artist with country soul runnin' in his veins.
Official Chris Cummings Site

Site 1
Site 2

Rhonda Watson

Singer/songwriter, Rhonda Watson has 10 real audio samples from her CD, "Be Your Own Best Friend" which is being aired on several radio stations.Don't miss hearing Rhonda!!

Ron Perry Ron Perry

Find out all about this new talent and hear clips from Ron's CD

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