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Stars On The Horizon

Click on the artist's pic to go to their personal homepage. Those hosted on my site are also listed in text links. Be sure to visit both!

Boots McCoy.jpg (5560 bytes)

Boots McCoy

Boots' first album, entitled "They Said It Couldn't Be Done" has 3 of her self penned songs. The album was mostly written and produced by David Barker. 3 of the 10 songs on the album are available in real audio on her site.

Julie Ann.jpg (5623 bytes)

Julie Ann

This struggling single mom of 2 children has accomplished her first album and has gained quite a bit of recognition in the Dallas/Fort Worht area on TV shows and newspapers.
"I swear if you would take my blood and put it under a microscope, those scientists would find music notes floating around!" - Julie Ann

AldoBreze.jpg (4808 bytes)

Aldo Breze

This Cleveland, OH native is a country/rockabilly prize. Aldo has already accomplished two CD’s, an appearance on the Grand Ol’ Opry, a multitude of festivals, fairs and nightclub appearances, national radio airplay, several award nominations from the 1999 and 2000 Golden Music Awards and more..

JeffreyWadeClark.jpg (8922 bytes)

Jeffrey Wade Clark

Jeffrey has one album released that he recorded in Germany while in the service which is available on his site. He also has a NEW 13 song CD going into production which will be featured on MKOC upon completion. There are 4 samples of the songs from his upcoming album on his site and I, for one, am very anxious for it to be in circulation! Jeffrey is what REAL COUNTRY MUSIC is all about!

Chrissy Harris

Chrissy Harris

Singer/songwriter Chrissy Harris is performing acoustically with Greg Brayton to promote her new CD release "Are You Happy Now". While Chrissy has her own distinct sound, I can hear the influence of Mary Chapin Carpenter on the title song.
  All 11 of the songs on this album are origionals written by Chrissy and produced by Greg.

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