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Stars On The Horizon

Click on the artist's pic to go to their personal homepage. Those hosted on my site are also listed in text links. Be sure to visit both!

BrandiWard.JPG (5244 bytes)

Brandi Ward

16 year old Brandi Ward has her priorities in place and is very goal oriented with her family's full support. Brandi will soon begin recording her first album.

Bradi on MKOC

HaroldRogers.jpg (6202 bytes)

Harold Rogers

True Traditional country, Texas born and bred Harold Rogers brings you the sounds of yesteryear with the quality of today. International Male Vocalist of the year 1998.

Michael Mulholland

Michael Mulholland

Michael Mulholland is a well respected singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has released 2 CD's and 6 compilation CD's throughout the world. His music and his voice have been featured in more than 100 films and television productions.

Michale on MKOC

Reine River

Reine River

Her poems and stories depict her life as she portrays and paints the life she lives!  This marriage of painting, photography and poetry engage the heart and soul of the
West. "The way I would best describe my work is that it gathers a bold and impressionistic view of a Western lifestyle, as far as one's horizon can see."

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