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Stars On The Horizon

Click on the artist's pic to go to their personal homepage. Those hosted on my site are also listed in text links. Be sure to visit both!

Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson

Dynamite comes in small packages. In Amanda Wilson's also comes in the form of a sixteen year old who has been a singer and performer since the age of five! Amanda  has two CD's currently in release nationwide, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind",  her country CD, and her newly released gospel CD, "Angels". Visit Amanda for sight's and sounds!

Amanda On MKOC

Chad Lodge

Chad Lodge

When Chad Lodge write's a country song, he put's his heart into them and trys to make them the best song's he ever wrote...Chad Lodge was born in Edmonton Alberta July 30,1980..
His first time singing was in front of his family when he was 5 year's  old.. When he turned 14 his dad told him to get in to the studio and sing a song, Chad did and every since he never stoped singing.

Debbie Dukes

Debbie Dukes

"I'm bad country and that's it." That is what Debbie Dukes, a country music recording artist from Raleigh, MS., will tell you if you ask her to describe her singing style. And it's an accurate description. Debbie's voice on her debut album, Blue House Painted White, is a refreshing return to the sounds of classic country music sung from the heart.

Debbie on MKOC

CarylMackParker.jpg (4900 bytes)

Caryl Mack Parker

She's caught the attention of nearly every major country music critic. Caryl Mack Parker is a compelling standout in a sea of sound-alike progressive female country artists. According to one reviewer, "her voice is the perfect instrument conveying both yearning and satisfaction in the same breath."


Jon Cassandra

Mixing traditional Country music with pop progressions, Jon Cassandra is striving for a New Brand Of Country. By using the influences of todays newer Country artists, with a nod to some pop icons of the past, Jon 's debut album, "Dreamed High", is a perfect match for the lover of both country music and/or pop rock music


Philip Dain Powell

For 20 years, this West Virginia native and his band have played in and around the Huntington, WV area and is one of the most exciting and popular bands in the region.

Thomas Leary

Thomas Leary

Thomas seems to be a very versatile man. On his site, you'll find his own Record label, Mule Dog Records, as well as a magazine and last but not least, wavs, ra files, and midi files of his music from his 14 song CD, self titled, "Thomas Leary". His versatility is also apparent on this CD with a mix of country, rock, blues, new age, and pop.

Tom on MKOC

Blake Luquette

Blake Luguette

17 year old Blake Luguette is making his in the beginning of his career and a singer/songwriter. Born and raised in Louisiana, he currently performs locally and has just released his first CD. "I'm not going to tell you that I am the next George Strait because there is only one George Strait. I am Blake Luquette and I sound just like Blake Luquette!! I have my own style of music!!"  Be sure to visit Blake and hear clips from all 12 songs on his album, "What If"!

Blake on MKOC


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