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"Leary" is what the listener must be when involved with Tom. He's got a quick and sharp wit that can only serve to amuse you as you're being entertained by his music.  For instance, As I read the credits on Tom's album, I had to chuckle at the following:
"All drums, percussion, bass guitar, electric & acoustic guitars, steel guitar, banjo, fiddle, keyboards, vocals, hard decisions and tough choices by Tom Leary."
Further down is added:
"For information concerning Mule Dog Records, the Tom Leary Fan Club, or comments on my driving, write to Mule Dog Records....."

Born in Rockford, IL, Tom studied music at Milton College in Wisconsin. In his role as singer, keyboard player and writer for a local rock group, he honed his musical skills. After leaving the group for a solo career, he founded Mule Dog Records and Magazine, which presents music articles and information about new music and computer trends.

Tom released his first solo album on the Mule Dog label. In August, 1997 he was the local winner of the True Value Jimmy Dean Country Showdown.

Tom's self titled album is a mixture of country, new age, blues,   rock, &  pop;  8 of the 17 selections are country.

Trail's Got Me Mama

Bluegrass Baby

Please Leave A Message

Wrapped 'Round My Finger

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To hear the full range of selections on "Tom Leary" pay a visit to
Mule Dog Records

E-Mail Tom Leary

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