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Sean Bennett
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"Stuck in Iraq" was the subject header of the first email I got from Sean... and to think, I almost didn't open it because I wasn't sure if it was spam or not. Thank God I thought better of my fears and opened Sean's email and then opened my heart to a young man, "stuck in Iraq".

The reason for Sean's email was to try to gain airplay or exposure for his current single, "Ten Times Better Than You", which he and a friend recorded the night before Sean was shipped out to Iraq. It consists of an acoustic guitar and Sean's vocals. I instantly loved it!

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"Ten Times Better Than You" isn't what you'd call traditional country.. more of a folk/rock or Americana sound very similar to Gordon Lightfoot ("Edmund Fitzgerald", "If You Could Read My Mind") and coming from me, that's a high compliment cuz I'm a great fan of Gordon's. Actually, Sean's song is fairly Universal and could fit into many categories if one wanted to nit-pick about it. As for me, I just love the song.. it's lyrics, the music, presentation and vocals and I'm presenting to all who visit MKOC in hopes of gaining fans and exposure for Sean.

Sean-River.jpg (6588 bytes)Here's some background on Sean:
He hails from Anchorage, Alaska where he's quite the outdoorsman who loves to fish.. and wait till you see some of the fish he's caught! Won't find nothin' like that in the Ohio or Mississippi Rivers! As of Dec. 7th, 2006 Sean turned 32 years old and spends at least 5 days a week "ducking" from enemy fire.

Sean is stationed in FOB ISKAN Iraq, He's a Platoon Sergeant in an Airborne Unit out of Alaska 4/25 BDE. He was a Drill Sergeant and has been dealing with soldiers for going on 14 years. He has 38 men in his platoon. Sean is divorced but says, "I have a beautiful daughter named MakenzeeStuckInIraq.jpg (5703 bytes) Rose 'song probably gave that away'". 

Sean said, "I will not be home for at least six more months and have been in Iraq for 2 already and recorded the song the day before I left for Iraq, "Dumb Luck". I have five more songs that will be released when I go back to Alaska and then we will see how things go from there." For the record, I told Sean he should write a song to go with his subject header, "Stuck In Iraq"...   what do you think? Either way, I expect to hear great things from Sean, no matter what the subject matter.

DJ's and radio execs, I appeal to your good taste and kind hearts to help Sean's dream come true. Let's not let him just be "Stuck in Iraq" ... let's get the him on the air and allow the fans to be "Stuck on Sean"!

On to the music!

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Real Audio - MP3 Download

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Visit the Sean's Web Site on SoundClick for more info about Sean and his music.
Also remember to rate the song! If you're not a member of Soundclick, joining is free and easy.

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