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19-year-old Samantha Berry lives in the rural, historic village of Rancocas, NJ. Though NJ is not especially know for being rural, this part of Burlington County, which is in South Jersey, is quite rural, made up mostly of Dairy Farms and World-Famous Jersey Tomato Farms.

Samantha began singing as a baby. She would refuse to retire for the evening unless she heard at least one Hank Williams song, which she would  'sing' along to. Singing in school, and uncontrollably around the house while doing chores, caught her mother, Doreen's attention and, in 1998, the Berry's contacted Paul Evans Pedersen, owner of Studio Park Records. They sent a demo tape to Pedersen in Nashville. Samantha cut four sides for the Studio Park compilation, "Studio Park Presents".

Shortly after the release of the compilation, the projects producer, Jim Heffernan, was driving through Hendersonville, TN, and heard Samantha's cut of "The Color of His Sins" on a Nashville Radio Station. Samantha cut six more sides and released the CD, "BUSY DOIN' NOTHIN'. It currently is enjoying airplay in the U.S.., Canada, Western Europe, Japan,
Australia, and even South America!

Samantha is currently gigging up and down the East Coast, whenever she can!!!

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You Can Always Stop A Teardrop

I'm Falling In Love

Fire Mountain

The Color of His Sins

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Samantha's CD is available at
or by writing to
SAMANTHA, P.O. Box 1, Rancocas, NJ 08073
or by contacting her e-mail

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