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Rodger Moore
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Rodger Moore is an accomplished singer/songwriter who has a unigue flair for ballads as well as honky tonkin'. He has the ability to reach out and take you by the heart with his ballads and then romp into a lighthearted jig with his uptempos.

Rodger's love of music started at an early age. He was born in a small town called Lamesa, Texas, but spent most of his life in Southern California. Rodger got into music at the age of 7 and started his first band at 13. That band stayed together for about 4 years, playing for audiences as large as 10K.

Rodger continued to perform until he decided to marry and raise a family, but he never lost his love of the mucic or his desire to perform. Once the children had grown, he started his musical career again. He credits his experiences during his those years for giving him more insight to become a better writer.

Young Rodger"I would have loved to have been able to make a living at music all these years, but I have never been that far away from it, and raising a family gives you insight to real life feelings that I may have missed out on the road. I feel as a writer, I’m better than ever and getting better all the time. As a performer, I may not have the full four octave range I did the first time around, but I feel every note that I sing. Isn’t that what County Music is really all about?"

Yes, that's what Country Music is all about and you'll feel the depth of Rodger's emotions in each song. I'm a ballad lover....a sucker for a love song...and Rodger's ballads are pure gold to me.On the other hand, I can rock with the best of ya and rockin' with Rodger either in song or communication is a pure joyment! I encourage all of you who visit to write to him. He's not only down to earth and fun, he highly values your opinions. In my view, the first step to being "somebody" is to remember "everybody" counts. So count yourself in and let's get the show on the road.

On The Wings Of My Heart

I loved this song so much that it was the inspiration for my desire to create this page and started a budding friendship between two strangers who are strangers no more.

Sometime Tonight

This lovely ballad is a reminder to all of us who have loved and lost and hopefully a lesson to those who haven't.

Playin' Hooky Boogie

Rodger wrote this song on a day when he played hooky from work and it was time well spent.~Yehaw~ Boogie on!~

Rodger Sings

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This is an "Exclusive" song that Rodger wrote for/about me and MKOC. This is the first cut demo version but Rodger allowed me to post it cuz I was just so darn proud of it.

Purchase "Wings and Other Things"
Includes songs above and 6 more

Visit Rodger's sites for more info, music and lyrics. Don't forget to sign his guestbook and drop him a line.
Land Of Countrywriter Music 

Top 10 Artists

Rodger was featured as one of the Top Ten Artists of 1997 on Radio ETC.
He created this site to showcase ALL of the Top 10!

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