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  Come On In!

Paul's music career has a bit of a different twist than most. Paul has taken Euope by storm while residing in Texas. The twist is, Paul was born In Leeds, England and moved to the US with his parents in 1965. He has gone through many phases thoughout his musical career which has lead him to his particular style today. His influences were a mixture of the Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, etc along with George Jones, Don Williams, Hank Williams and contemporary artist, Dan Fogelberg. This is the makeup of the sound that is uniquely, Paul Mateki....rock, contemporary, folk, and country rolled into one.

Paul's brand of music hasn't been received in the American top 40, so he took his music where people would listen and found an enormous following in Europe. Paul stated, "I took the whole thing as an adventure. I pay my dues, I make some fans, and I have fun doing it. I go over there and enjoy being accepted. I released some stuff in '93 and '94 that kind of got things started. That's what got my name known there first. Comstock Records got me an 11 gig tour and it mushroomed there. It's the audience reaction that gets me," Paul said of his European fans. "Over there it is different. Over there people go to a club specifically to see the artists. They are there to watch you. And when you play, man it is great."

Paul hasn't limited himself to Europe, he plays all over Texas, which has been "home" since 1980, and out of state when the right occasion arises.

Paul's album, "Temperatures Rising" released in May 1996 had been a his most popular work to date. "Quick Train" became an instant smash hit in Holland, Scandinavia, and Belgium. He's also won countless awards as a co-writer, vocalist and for his video of "Quick Train".

Paul's latest album, "Across The Miles" will be released on "Diamond Blue Records" this April. "Zevenbergen" (7 Mountains Memory) has been released as a single and has already reached the #1 spot in Holland and has been in the top 30 of European Country Charts for 17 weeks as of January, 1998.

Now for a sampling of Paul's music from the album, "Temperatures Rising"! There will be more songs added from the new release when it arrives, so check back again to hear more of Paul Mateki!

Paul Mateki

Quick Train

I Cry In My Sleep

Like It Oughta Be

Hey, Mr. Jukebox

All songs are Copyright 1996, Paul Mateki/Misty International Records - All Rights Reserved
Paul and His Guitar Case

Please visit Paul Mateki for all the latest information, bio, pics, more music,
and most importantly, to find out how you can order his CD!
Email Paul

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