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Peter Britt  

From Peter: "There are a few reasons why I'm in music; 1. It's what is in my heart, I don't have any choice. 2. For my family, to give my wife and our children the kind of life I've always wanted. 3. I've always wanted to be able to get to a position, where I have enough influence to do something meaningful for others, to help in some way that truly makes a difference. I know that may sound trite, some would even say 'facade-like' to be socially accepted or to gain notoriety, but it's really something both Sheri ( my MUCH better half ) and I have always wanted to do. If I can do something to make our world a better one, even to just touch a few hearts and perhaps be an integral part of making someone feel better, or to think about what's important, or merely make them smile; if I can do that, I'll know that I've done something to make a difference...Hehehe I guess that sounds kind of corny, but it's really true....I want to make a difference in some way, my"

Corny is a word I would never use in conjunction with Peter Brittingham, the man, the singer or the writer. His reasons for making music are neither corny nor self serving. He has a God given gift. I believe God blesses us with gifts to share with the world, to make it a better place, however small or trivial it may seem to some, each smile you create on another face, every soul you touch whether it be through a deed or music, makes a difference in this world. I don't even think it's something you choose, I think it's something God chooses for you. It's up to the individual to utilize such gifts in a positive way and Peter has done just that.

Peter's feelings hold true for any of us who care about others, who want to make a difference, and it's something we should never take lightly. We're all here for a purpose. Peter's is to make music and touch hearts, bring smiles and tears, remind us that love still exists, that hearts are broken, that the world matters. All of this is what keeps fans devoted to country music....the heart and soul of it and those who create it. With this in mind, Peter Britt has acheived success and his music is the proof.

           That's What Living's For-CD                                                                     

Blue Jeans, High Heels & Fire Red Hair

Lay The Sugar On

Sheri Lynn

It Only Takes A Moment

I Guess I Won't See You Anymore

Always Be My Girl

I Was Gonna Be Her Man

All songs are Copyright 1993-1997, Peter Brittingham for Krystal Vision Production
All Rights Reserved

Click Here To Visit Peter Britt

Please visit Peter Britt for all the latest information, bio, pics, more music,
and most importantly, to find out how you can order his CD!

Email Peter

You can find Peter's listing in IFCO Directory under "Artists"

Don't miss the latest review of Peter's album, "That's What Living's For" on 2Steppin's Center Stage by Lisa Jansen-Rees.

Top 10 Artists

Peter is featured as one of the Top Ten Artists of 1997 on Radio ETC.
Our Thanks to Rodger Moore for creating this site showcasing the Top 10!

Peter Britt! is available for performance booking, radio interview, television appearance and special events to benefit charitable organizations.
To inquire about booking, you may contact Peter Britt through
Krystal Vision Productions at: (757)-460-1709 or e-mail Peter Britt at:  

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