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Robbin McCombs is not only talented, he's an interesting and I imagine, a somewhat complex individual... I don't state this as fact, just a feeling I get from his music... pure traditional cut-you-to-the-core country music.

Born and raised in Alabama, Robbin spent a lot of his adult life as a shrimper, an occupation that led him to many coastal towns where he could always find a club or inn where he could sing.

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In 1990, Robbin had a few songs recorded on a different label but today he and his brother, Howard Lofton work together with their own label, "LoMac Records". Howard does the promotion and paperwork and Robbin writes and sings the songs.

"Then and Now" is Robbin's first release on LoMac Records. Robbin wrote all ten songs and his voice is the only voice you will hear on those songs. Thanks to Robbin's obvious talents, Howard, with the help of Charley McCoy, who plays piano, bass guitar and harmonica, was able to secure a great set of musicians for this production; legends such as Jimmy Capps (member of the Grand Ole Opry house band) playing lead guitar and dobro, Gene Christman (former drummer for Elvis) playing drums, Mike Johnson playing steel guitar, Hoot Hester (also a member of the Grand Ole Opry house band) playing the fiddle and acoustic guitar, and last but not least Don Helms (former Drifting Cowboy with Hank Williams Sr.) with his steel guitar. I call that a well rounded Nashville band... not to mention quite impressive.

It was an extra treat and a great honor for Robbin that Don Helms agreed to lend his talents to the album for more than just the obvious reasons. Robbin is not just a great admirer of Hank Sr., he and Howard live in Georgiana, Ala., which was Hank's hometown. The first track of the CD is "Hiram", a song about Hank's life and death... Hiram was Hank's his real first name. Oddly enough, Robbin penned this song while working as a Security Officer at the "Chapman Wood Yard". Robbin says, "Remember the song, 'The Log Train'? Hank's father worked there up until 1929. Kind of eerie, don't you think?"

Like Hank Williams, Sr., Robbin McCombs writes and sings songs that he feels... you'll hear his heartbreak as you listen to the ballads like, "I Do" and "I'm in the Country" (which you can hear at CDBaby). Others, which are featured here are, "I Have Three Hearts" and "This Bottle I've Locked". Also "Dungeons of Darkness" and others that I unfortunately couldn't post as I need to save some space for other artists... however, it was too difficult to narrow my choices to only 5 songs so I ended up selecting 6... and it was still a difficult choice.

There are also some upbeat tunes on the album such as "Been There Done That' and "Living From the Bottle". All in all, this album is for all country music fans who love traditional, down home, eat your heart out music. "Then and Now" has it all, a great band, great production, and great original songs written and sung by one greatly talented, Robbin McCombs. For a first production album from LoMac Records, I say Howard and Robbin both are to be commended for a first rate job.

"Then and Now"... an album of songs that reflect to back then, still pertain to now and will hopefully go on till the end of time.

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Aces & Eights

I Have Three Hearts

Been There Done That

This Bottle I've Locked

Living From a Bottle

2000 LoMac  Records    All Rights Reserved

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Visit the LoMac Records for more information

E-Mail Howard and Robbin

"Then and Now" on CDBaby

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