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From the "Land Down-Under", comes the Australian version of Kris Kristofferson in style with the ability to weave everyday life into a magical, musical tale.

Mark started his career in the Blackall in central western Queensland in the sixties with a band called "The Impacts". The band moved to the Gold Coast and Mark moved to Longreach and was the lead singer in several bands until he eventually rejoined the "Impacts" at the "El Rancho Restaurant" in Surfers Paradise for five years.

Mark took a sabbatical for about 12 years and in 1993, he went to Longreach to sing at the School Centenary Ball. This rekindled his love of music. When Mark returned, he started writing songs about his experiences in life and of growing up in Blackall.

Mark release his Debut album, "Teardrops and Moonbeams" in November of 1995, which is loaded with 14 tracks, 10 of which Mark penned himself.

While listening to the many selections on this album, I found myself drifting to different eras in my life, identifying as the music and lyrics reminded me of days past; love and heartaches, good times and bad times, but Mark's delivery made the sad memories a sweet experience and the good memories sweeter. "The Game of Life", which Mark wrote for his wife, is an exceptional sample of how he can pull on you heartstrings while giving you an inside glimpse to the soul of this man.

There is also a great mixture of honky tonkin', toe-tappin', boot stompin' songs such as "I Love That Rock & Roll" which placed 3rd in the Country Category in the "South Pacific International Song Contest" competing with over 3,000 entrants from around the world.

Mark has led quite an unusual life and it's his life experiences that he draws upon for his songwriting. From being a street kid in Brisbane to living with Aboriginals to becoming a responsible family man, he has experienced more than most, and is very adept at sharing the many phases of his life through his music.

Click on the song titles below to hear samples of Mark's music.

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Teardrops And Moonbeams

What A Wicked Web

The Game Of Life

The Dust On Mother's Bible

She Thinks I Still Care

  1995 Mark Anthony Abbott. All rights reserved.

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Hear Mark's "Ladies of the Night" on Country Sings Out for Child Protection

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