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We've all experienced de'ja' vous... that sensation you get when something totally new feels familiar, as though you've already been there. It can sometimes be discomforting but very often it's a peaceful feeling.. like going back to a place where you felt warm and a sense of belonging. De'ja' vous is the best way I can think of to describe what I feel when I listen to Marc Corey Lee.

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marc-color.jpg (12297 bytes)He's a combination of the music I grew up with as well as today's sounds, both country and rock and roll.. a reminder of sock hops and at the same time, hoe downs. It's like taking a blender and adding a dash of Roy Orbison, The Mavericks and Chris Isaak. Add a pinch of Bakersfield, a dollop of Bluegrass and some good ol' traditional country, and you've got a brand new sound called Marc Corey Lee.

While familiar and cozy, Marc is freshly new and exciting. He reminds me a great deal of *Steve Kolander. No, he doesn't sound like Steve, but his approach to music is similar. I can't really explain it because I think it's more of a feeling than a sound. That feeling is a commitment to doing his own music and doing it his way, like no one else. It doesn't fit into any set mold, it's delivered only as the artist who gave birth to the song can portray it, from deep within. It can't be copied or faked.. it's real and you feel it. Marc has said, "I wear my influences on my sleeve". This is true in the fact that you'll sense the presence of all of his musical heroes, but I think his heart is worn more prominently on his sleeve than past influences.

Marc's history is as unique as his music. He was born in Costa Rica, where his grandfather was a rancher who imported Brahma bulls into Central America. He moved with his parents to Los Angeles in the 60's. Marc grew up listening to all different types of music. His father played a lot of Latin American music then Buck Owens and Roy Orbison. "I was more and more drawn to the country music. There was a specific moment I remember right around 1968. I heard a Buck Owens song on the radio and it just grabbed me, that hard-core twang, I just identified with it."

One thing that's important to keep in mind from this reviewer's perspective.. I never read previous reviews or history until I've heard the artist's music. I want to learn the artist through the music first. I was amazed to learn afterwards, that all my first inclinations were well founded and had a reason for being. I was able to hear Marc Corey Lee, the man, not just a song... to me that tells a lot about the artist... his songwriting as well as the delivery.

De'ja' vous again... I was very surprised to learn that just like Steve Kolander, Marc had become involved with a member of Dwight Yoakam's entourage. While Marc was playing a regular gig at the Palomino Club in Hollywood, he met Yoakam's original recording engineer, Brian Levi. Marc worked with Levi on his debut album, "Honky Tonk Crazy" which was released in 1995. This CD won him opening spots with nationally prominent acts, The Mavericks, Alabama, Tracy Byrd, Chris Ledoux, Junior Brown, and many, many others. Things really began to "sizzle" when Marc's songs were used world wide on Aaron Spelling's hit TV series, Sunset Beach.

Marc's second album, "Stardust Cowboy" was released in 1999 and he has been gaining even more attention ever since. In the 1999 LA Music Awards, he won "Country Artist of the Year". This year, 2000, he won the Jim Beam "Emerging Artist In Music" award.

Marc and his band have been been approached by some major labels, but prefer to remain on their independent label, Mountain Dream Music to protect the integrity of their music. Marc wrote every song (lyrics as well as music) on his album, "Stardust Cowboy"  and also did the artwork for the CD cover and liners. I might add, he did a wonderful job.. it's quite professional so his talents go far beyond singing. He also produced the album and all the arrangements were made with the help of his band members. When and if the right deal comes along, he'll gladly sign up.. 'till then, he'll continue do it his way.

In the meantime, this hasn't hurt Marc's success in the least. He's attained a great deal of prominent sponsors such as the William Morris Agency (who does all his bookings), Spalding Sports Equipment, Guild/Fender Guitars, Hush Puppies and more. That's a lot of backing for an independent artist which speaks highly of the faith in his ability to rise above the crowd. Marc also recorded a song called "It Must Have Been The Mistletoe" for a brand new PAX original television movie, "Once Upon A Christmas". The film, starring Kathy Ireland and John Dye is slated to air on the PAX network on December 10, 2000 at 9 PM Eastern and Pacific.

Marc has also made quite a splash on the wild waves of the net through where you can download 3 songs from this CD for FREE! The biggest hit to date is "Memphis Rain", which has received a great deal of airplay and has now been officially added to the in-flight Country channel on all Northwest Airlines, domestic and international flights!

Finally, Marc donates a great deal of time and energy for many children’s organizations such as Children’s Wish Foundation, The Starlight Foundation and Orangewood Children's Home.

Is it any wonder so many have so much faith in Marc Corey Lee's abilities? I also have every faith that Marc will rise above the mentality of today's industry, stick to his principles and make his music his way.. the only way it should be.

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When You're Gone

Crazy For Crying

Much Too Late

Never Tasted Love

One Last Dance

Silently Falling

(p) 1999 Marc Corey Lee    All Rights Reserved
Produced by Marc Corey Lee & Michael Mikulka

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Visit Marc's website for more info and to order your copy of "Stardust Cowboy"

"For The Very First Time" by request. This is NOT available yet to the public.
Download the COMPLETE and FREE mp3 on Marc's Site!

E-Mail Marc Corey Lee

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* See and Hear Steve Kolander on MKOC

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