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In a field of Bluebonnets, the sky her only limit;
this is a perfect setting for Leslie. It is symbolic of
her dreams, her ambitions, and her future.
There are no limitations to Leslie's talent
or her drive to share that talent
with the world.

   Leslie is a talented, innovative, and versatile
singer-songwriter who puts a new twist on
country/blues with her own unique delivery.
Leslie Gail Brooks and Thunder's cd
"Passion Speaks Louder Than Words" can be heard on
KNON, all Texas Stations, and right here on MKOC.

cd.jpg (8360 bytes)

    You will notice many different, distinct styles of
    delivery in these cuts from Leslie's CD proving her
    versatility and ability to transcend into the
    soul of her music.  

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How Do You Love Again

"How Do You Love Again" is my favorite song, and though it's not easy to pick a favorite, it's a beautiful love ballad. (Now who saw that one coming?)

Lookin' Back On Luckenbach 

"Lookin' Back On Luckenbach" was co-written by Leslie and her  husband Ray Roberts. When Leslie  sent me her CD she requested,
"Humor me and play cut #4  (Luckenbach) first. You'll be starting with the song Ray and I wrote together (his very first song!). Her pride in her
husband is not unfounded.  Ray has proven to be steadfast and supportive in every phase of
Leslie's career.
Hey Ray! Got any brothers?? 

As's more from Leslie's CD,
"Passion Speaks Louder Than Words"    

8.jpg (12377 bytes)

 Louisiana Bayou Man 

 Read Between Your Lies 

Margarita Grin 

Pasion Speaks Louder Than Words

Colorado Mountains

 Not My Child 
(In Honor of Amber Hagerman,
also found on MKOC's
Child Protection)

Leslie Gail Brooks - Zachariah Records - All Rights Reserved

Proud Member Of Country Sings Out For Child Protection

Child Protection Banner

Leslie and her husband, Ray Roberts, were the inspiration for the creation of the
Child Protection Site.

Leslie Gail Brooks and Thunder's cd
is available at:
Border's Books and Music, Texas
Blockbuster Music
Ernest Tubb, Nashville and Ft Worth
All Live Events

Ray Roberts
Zachariah Records
224 Easton Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75218
Catch the live shows and check the archives for Leslie's appearance on

The lovely picture of Leslie Gail nestled in the field of bluebonnets was taken
by Jim Battles. Jim is a very talented and noted wildlife photographer from Lapeer
Michigan. The setting took place in the famous Willow Bend Loop in the beautiful
Hill Country of Texas, April 1997.
Jim Battles 322 N. Elmgrove Rd. Lapeer, MI 48446


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