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His looks resemble a young Vince Gill, which obviously is a plus, but his voice is his own as is his style.... a combination of yesterday and today.... that touch of rockabilly and country that'll Rock Your Soul!

I  loved Larry's music from the first note to the last and I knew I liked him as a person from the first note he wrote to me. Larry is not only extremely talented, he's just plain likeable. It  doesn't surprise me that his first time on a stage was at the prodding of Ronnie McDowell. Ronnie gave him that first taste of performing and he won the crowd's approval instantly. It was then he decided he would make a dream a way of life.

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jordinaires.jpg (15230 bytes)As a testimony to his talent, on his first album, "Lost In Bluedreams", Larry had the honor of the Jordanaires & Millie Kirkham for backup vocalists and  Tareva Henderson  joined him as his duet partner on "(He Says) I'm Sorry". Larry told me, "When I wrote that song, exactly 4 years almost to the day, I knew immediately that I wanted Tareva to do the duet with me and was thrilled that she was in town & available to do it.... we cut it on her birthday." Larry also wrote 9 out of the 10 songs on this album, the exception being "Lovesick Blues" which he renders with  style and quality. Rather than trying to sound like the late Hank Williams Sr., Larry stands by the tradition of the song with his own rich stylings and does it proud. The title cut, "Lost In Blue Dreams", sounds as though Larry were a mixture of Elvis, Steve Kolander and Narvel Felts. Adding the wonderful backing of the Jordanaires enhances the "illusion" but the simple fact is, Larry is no illusion. He is a gifted and talented artist who combines the best of all musical artist and genres that have influenced him into his own unique brand of magic.

Larry hails from Michigan, his home is in Nashville, but he's been appearing steadily in Las Vegas for most of this year. Larry said, "I've been here a better part of this year, though my home is in Nashville. Vegas has been so good to me thus far, doing a lot of TV and Radio, etc. and just having a good time here. I do look forward to going home every now & then though.

From 2Steppin' Revue by Laurie Paulik:
"Larry Cole's rich vocals and musical influences are powerfully presented in his debut album. His youthful zest and charismatic stage presence engage his audiences. He has carved out a place in modern country music that few others have attempted and this alone should ensure that we'll continue to hear from him in the future."

Well said Laurie! All I can add to that is that you HAVE to add Larry's CD to your collection!

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Produced by Larry Cole
All songs 1997 All rights reserved

The First Man
(To Make You Feel Like A Woman)

(He Says) I'm Sorry
(Duet with Tareva Henderson)

Holding An Angel

Lost In Blue Dreams

If You'll Let Me Love You

Direct Line With Jesus
2000 Larry Cole/Rock My Soul Music/BMI


Official Site
Bio, Music, Bookings, and more!

To order "Lost In Bluedreams" send check or money order for $12 to:
Rock My Soul Music
P.O. Box 23022
Nashville, TN 37202
(Please specify CD or cassette - S&H included)

Larry Cole Rock My Soul Fan Club
Karen Vanness President
P.O. Box 1903
Bay City, MI 48706
Tel: 517/684-1722

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