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Singer, Songwriter, Musician,
Author, Photographer

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By the age of four, she was able to listen to her Grandmother's playing of classical music and Scott Joplin pieces and play them by ear herself. From that point, she found herself able to pick up and quickly learn to play almost any instrument from guitar and piano, to drums, saxophone, and flute. She is also a naturally gifted harmony singer.

Jaci's talents are many and well represented on her albums. Her first release, "Downhome Girl" contains some great songs that you can hear on her site, such as "Perfect Strangers" and "I Gotta Dance". Her latest album, self titled, "Jaci Rae" is filled with 11 songs, all well suited to her chameleon style. Combinations of country laced with jazz, pop, and torch.... each song delivers a different yet distinctive Jaci Rae.

After earning a degree in the school of hard knocks, Jaci used her writing talent to help others in the industry avoid the pitfalls of the biz. Her book, "The Indie's Ultimate Contact Guide & Music Success Manual" is a must have for every musician, agent, manager, record company executive, anyone who wants to know about the music industry!

Just another rung on the ladder to Jaci's multi faceted life is her passion for photography and writing poetry which she combines to create beautiful posters.

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cd.jpg (9376 bytes) Your Coffee's on the Table

I've Been There Too

Convince Me

The Last One

Heart Like A Wheel

1998 North Shore Records  All Rights Reserved

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Purchase Jaci Rae's Merchandise

Be sure to visit Jaci's site for more
music, her books, photography,  posters
and much more!

Official Jaci Rae Site

E-Mail Jaci

You Can't Push A River But You Can own it!

Jaci Rae's smash hit, "Can't Push A River," has touched the hearts and musical souls of people around the world.  Be sure to get your copy today!  This is what just ONE Grand Ole' Opry Star has to say about Jaci:  "This is a great CD!  The first 2 songs are Terrific.  All in all its a great CD and it should do well for her."  Ernie Ashworth, Grand Ole Opry Star and Country Hall of Fame Inductee

Purchase "You Can't Push A River"

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Best Selling Author Jaci Rae gives you the secrets on how to score points with the man or woman that you love!  If the last know relationship you've had is with a computer monitor, or if the lines of communication between your loved ones and yourself are faltering like an antiquated need "Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown at a Time - How To Score For Men and Women" and it's companion, "The Playbook".

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