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Gregg Stevens  

Knowing my love of ballads, Gregg related the true story behind one of his ballads. It's a story I think we all know well and most of us have experienced so I suggested to Gregg that it might make a good intro to the song. He agreed but didn't want to appear that he was "slamming" his ex-wife and thought I could word it better than what he had. Since I never got the feeling he was "slamming" her, just expressing his feelings, I have used Gregg's words. It was his heart that was broken and I feel you can know a person best when you learn about them through their inner most feelings. Gregg's music will give you an inside story to many facets of his feelings and character. The more I play his CD, the better I have come to know the man behind the words and music, and have come to know him as a friend.

From Gregg: "The song, 'Change Of Heart' was a song I had written for my ex-wife. I was trying to get back together with her (we had been apart for about a month). I was very devastated to say the least. I had an 8 track recorder, called my cousin, Tony over and we recorded the song. I did it for her. The only thing was, every time I tried to sing it I couldn't. I could not lay the vocals down on tape no matter how hard I tried. I had a big lump in my throat. So Tony, who sings really good laid the vocals down for me. I mixed it all down, made a copy and sent it to her. I'll never forget what she said. 'Why didn't you sing it yourself?' That's all she said. I didn't say anything. Why waste any more of my time trying to get through to her. That's how I felt."

"That was a little over four years ago. I found a new love, Martha, my wife. She is my life and I love her her very much. I was finally able to sing 'Change Of Heart' without choking on my heart. ( hey...there's a new line, "choking on my heart" hehee.) I wrote 'Forever With You' (found on Gregg's site) for Martha right after we were married."

"Oh...and the song, 'First and The Last' ,it's not about anyone, anymore. Does that sound crazy?"

It may have been written without preamble to the events Gregg spoke about, but it fits the scenario so well that I just had to include it. The finishing touch to this trilogy of love songs is Thought You Did Me Wrong which is a classic example of how a good love gone bad leads to a better one. Gregg hasn't said anything about this song, but one can't help but see that it's a perfect ending to lovin, losin' and lovin' again.

After you've listened to the songs on this page, don't forget to go to Gregg's site to hear the other eight songs from his album. That's right, it's loaded with 12 songs and ALL of them are great! And for sll you "rockers" out there, just cuz I posted the ballads here doesn't mean there's no "kickin' up your heels" music cuz there's a lot of great hoppin' songs as well. By the way, Gregg! If you won't "Do Wacky Do" how are the rest of us suppose to Do Wacky Too??? ;) Now get busy and write a song for "Choking On My Heart"!

            Forver With You  

Change Of Heart

First And The Last

Thought You Did me Wrong

Daniel Michael 

The song "Daniel Michael" is dedicated to all the children who have been hurt by the pain of divorcce. Background vocals are done by Daniel and Michael (Gregg's sons) and his wife, Martha.

Copyright 1997Allhitone Records. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission. Unathorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Allhitone Web Site

Gregg's Homepage

Please visit Gregg Stevens to hear the other 8 cuts from his CD,
"Forever With You" and learn more about Gregg and his music.

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Mail Gregg

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