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"Songwriter, comic, singer and a little of every thing" is how Glen describes himself and his career. Seeing him perform, you'll more thank likely rephrase that to a "whole lot" of everything. Glens's stage presence is dynamic and just plain fun. He doesn't just involve his audience he becomes a part of it, and they a part of him. You'll forget your seeing a's more like one of those parties where one person is the "class clown" and keeps things rolling and exciting all the time. Glen will indeed keep you rolling.... one minute in the aisle with laughter and the next, rolling along to a song. Whatever Glen does, his audience pays attention and always enjoy themselves.  


Glen has opened shows for Merle Haggard, Mickey Gilley, and Wade Hayes. He  toured with Johnny Lee For 18 Months and has worked with Tim McGraw, Ray Stevens, Jack Greene and Dave & Sugar.

You can catch his act at the Western Connection in Nashville loacated in   "Printer's Alley"

One of Glen's most requested, comedic songs is his rendition of George Jones' song,   "The Grand Tour" where he goes from  immitating Aaron Neville, to George Jones, Johhnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson (in his shyer days), Garth Brooks, and Walter Brennan. It's a sure fired laughter extravaganza!

Glen's album, "Reflections" is filled with hit songs of stars you'll quickly recognize, either through the song itself, or Glen's interpretation of the singer. My favorite of all the songs on this album that I feel depicts Glen's true voice and talent is "Make It Through December".

Glen the Ham

From: "Reflections"

The Grand Tour

Make It Through December

Pool Side Productions 1996


To Order Casettes:
"Reflections" & "As Country as it Gets"
$10 for 1 tape or $15 for 2 tapes
"Poolside Entertainment"  615-831-2169

For bookings:
"Poolside Entertainment"


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