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NEW! George lost the Nashville Star by a hair coming in 2nd to winner, Brad Cotter but all was not lost! Universal South recognized the great talent George possessed and signed him to their label! His new CD, "One Good Friend" has been released! Just click the link to buy your copy of George's Great CD!

Realllly Old Review!

George is a rising singer/songwriter sensation from Canada. He has spent six years touring both Canada and the United States in a professional country band. His first video, produced in Alberta, has received medium rotation on CMT Canada and the self-produced album, "Ironwolf", has sold well locally. CKRY Country 105 FM in Calgary,Alberta,Canada has added the single, "My Love's Unchanged", to its rotation list and it has been frequently on the top 3 songs requested on Country 105 FM .

"Ironwolf" is now a part of my Music Collection and I can honestly tell y'all, I love it!

CD-IronWolf.jpg (4500 bytes) My Loves Unchanged

One Of These Days


Tryin' To Forget
(This is my personal favorite)

"George Canyon"

Her Everything

Enough Said

To hear more from George's latest album
and order your own copy
be sure to visit his offficial site!

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George Canyon - All Rights Reserved 

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Buy George Canyon CDs Here

New Release!

Somebody Wrote Love

Mail George Canyon

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