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Hank Brake - Country Music Artist

If it's traditional country you're after, slam on the brakes and get , "Maybe I'd Best Leave Well Enough Alone", the debut album of Hank Brake. From beginning to end, Hank offers up pure traditional country music written by some of the best songwriters in country music history and is produced by multi award winning, Larry Butler.

There's only great things to report about this artist, his style, delivery and the entire production of this album.

Hank Brake

Hank BrakeI'll begin with the choice of songs for the package. While the songs aren't all originals, they were written by some of the top writers in country music such as Skip Ewing, Harlan Howard, Vern Gosdin, Dean Dillon, Bill Anderson and the title cut by Larry Butler himself... only to mention a few.

Hank's interpretation of these great songs is superb and he does the writers proud with his smooth, easy vocals and heartfelt  delivery of each song. Hank is no clone, he's the real thing with his own sound which is one you will never tire of. In today's collection of cookie cutter artists who all sound alike, sing the same types of songs and have no personal distinction, Hank is a breath of fresh air. The closest identity you'll hear is that Hank sings a George Strait song in the same style as George, who is one of his heros, but there's no imitation vocally... it's pure Hank.

The production of the album is the icing on an already flavorful cake. Backed with top notch musician's, Hank's voice is not overshadowed by the band or drowned out in a sea of reverbs or editing. You hear Hank, first and foremost and the music is politely there to accompany his talent, just as it should be. Too many productions these days bury the artists' voice with overly loud music. I'm never quite sure if this is due to poor production or the desire to cover the artist's less than adequate voice... either way, it's not an issue here. You will enjoy each aspect of this album which is crystal clear and untainted. 

There is more to this CD than meets the eyes and ears. Not only is it a hit studded album filled with great songs from track one, "I Can Only Love You Like A Man" to the grand finale of "Maybe I'd Best Leave Well Enough Alone", it's also a PC enhanced CD. This means you'll not only get to enjoy all the songs, you're treated to the full length video of the title cut, "Maybe I'd Best Leave Well Enough Alone". There is a photo slide show of Hank starting at infancy, through his childhood, right up to the album's production in the studio. It also contains Hank's biography. Now what more can you ask from any CD unless it's the artist himself stuffed inside.. which isn't likely to happen in our lifetime... but in Hank's case, you may wish it were.

Aside from the fact that I'm eager for Hank to cut another album, there's nothing more I can say without being repetitive. Simply listen to these real audio song clips, then imagine them sounding 100 times better on the actual CD. This I WILL repeat.. SLAM on the brakes and make "Maybe I'd Best Leave Well Enough Alone" a part of your country CD collection today!


Hank Brake CD - Maybe I'd Best Leave Well Enough Alone

I Can Only Love You Like A Man

What I Do The Best

Back In The Swing of Things

Definite Possibilities

You Lied To Me

Home Grown Love

Maybe I'd Best Leave Well Enough Alone

1999 T.P.C. Inc.    All Rights Reserved
Recorded in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains at Big Mama Recording Studios. a division of Tennessee Production Center, Inc., Seymour, TN

Purchase Maybe I'd Best Leave Well Enough Alone

NEW! 11-5-2005

HankBrake-Joe.jpg (6025 bytes)Hank Brake's newest release, "Thank You", has been chosen as the theme song for Operation Welcome Home, the "Thank You and Welcome Home" event to honor the 2.7 million Vietnam Veterans who served.

"Destined to become an important song in the history of patriotism and the support of our troops, this song is getting rave reviews! Written by songwriter Daniel Smith, of Nashville, TN, and recorded by Hank Brake, on Star Chaser Records, in memory of his Uncle, Kenneth Slaughter, killed in Vietnam in 1970. This song touches the hearts of all who hear it!"

The release of this single project is in support of all of our veterans, and the troops currently serving here and abroad. $1.00 from every single sold will be donated to an organization, Operation First Response.

Full report on MKOC News Nov. 11, '05

Visit Hank Brake's Website for more info and to
order your copy of "Thank You"!

E-Mail Hank Brake

More about Producer/Songwriter, Larry Butler
Larry Butler is the first and only Nashville producer to win the coveted Grammy award for producer of the year, beating out the likes of Quincy Jones and other top-notch producers from all areas of music. Butler is now pitching Hank Brake's new CD "Maybe I'd Best Leave Well Enough Alone." It was Butler who converted Kenny Rogers to country music, and their magical studio collaboration yielded many of Rogers' greatest records including "Lucille," "She Believes In Me," "The Gambler," "Love Or Something Like It," "You Decorated My Life," and "Coward Of The County."

Visit Larry Butler's Website



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