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It's been a long time since I've posted an artist in the "Hidden" section of MKOC but I got a special and unusual introduction to Jackie Burns by another great artist, Jack Blanchard. Jack has spent a great deal of time working to restore Jackie's music from old records to put to CD and wrote to ask if I would help by placing her on MKOC to regain the recognition she once got briefly and has so long deserved.  As always, it's my pleasure to feature artists who deserve to be heard and I thank Jack Blanchard for his contribution to MKOC and country music!

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By Jack Blanchard
, 12-14-2001

If you've missed Jackie Burns, you've missed out.

For the past hour and a half Misty and I have been listening to some of the most beautiful singing we've ever heard. Her records aren't easy to find, although she did duets with such stars as Wynn Stewart and Tom T. Hall. Misty and I think she is the absolute best female solo country singer we've ever listened to! She can just about make a grown man cry with her blues and ballads, but at the end of the tape she does about twenty-five cartoon voices, which shows she's a little nuts, too. We like that in a person.

If there were any justice, she would be making hit records today. She has a tremendous voice and a unique style. I hear traces of European singers, Vera Lynn and Edith Piaf, for instance.

This is not written as a review. I don't do reviews, at least not serious ones. This is written as sort of a celebration! We've just experienced something new...and good! That's rare. It's new, even though the songs were recorded between 1968 and 1982. It's the best kept secret in country music, and just too good not to be heard.

If there's a record label somewhere that cares about a great legend waiting too long in the wings, contact Misty and me, or Jackie directly. We don't want anything out of it except to share the powerful talent of Jackie Burns with the world.

Jack Blanchard.

I'd like to give special thanks to Jack Blanchard, an artist in his own right who is also featured on MKOC (Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan). Jack and Misty's latest album was next in line to be reviewed on MKOC and Jack forfeited their turn so that he could promote Jackie. That says a lot about Jack the artist, as well as Jack, the man... not only talented, but completely unselfish when it comes to helping a fellow artist. Thanks, Jack.. for your good deeds and for bringing Jackie to MKOC!

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You're All That Matters To Me

Something is Missing, It's You

That's What I Get for Being a Woman

One Big Unhappy Family

Your Love Must be Free

Gonna Miss Me

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Tom T. Hall & Jackie Burns

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James Garner & Jackie Burns

Contact Information:

Official Website

Email Jackie Burns


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