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Merry MKOC Christmas

LasVegasChristmasCD.jpg (8333 bytes)

Merry Blue Christmas
by Larry Cole

Album available at:
Larry Cole
See Larry On MKOC
with his new release,
"Direct Line With Jesus"

larrycole.jpg (5561 bytes)
Larry Cole


It Started in a Manger

Written by Rick Paul
Vocals by Lana Kress

LanaKress.jpg (5230 bytes)
Lana Kress



Santa Bring Me A Daddy

Songwriter: Jim Clark
Vocals by Dewayne Whittaker

santa-cd.gif (13111 bytes)

DanNash.jpg (7257 bytes)
Dan Nash

Holy, Holy

Christmas Greeting from Dan

Singer/Songwriter: Dan Nash

Dan Nash on MKOC

Buy the CD, "Dan Nash"


Holy, Holy Is He

The Love That Conquered the World

Singer/Songwriter: Skip Gosnell

skip.JPG (10814 bytes)
Skip Gosnell of Tabletop Production
(with Wy)


_Holly.jpg (1322 bytes) Child Protection Christmas Songs _Holly.jpg (1322 bytes)

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