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Robert Shields

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Children of the Street
Written By Rhonnie Scheuerman & Robert Shields
Sung By Robert Shields of Glory Train Records
CD: Glory Train - Winter 2000

Robert and his wife, Anna own Glory Train Records... a country/gospel compilation service and also sponsor the Child Alert Foundation with the records they make. They donate a number of CDs for each release made to CAF to help raise funds and also sponsored a song contest, with all proceeds going to CAF. The winner of the contest, Canadian Country Chorus is also featured here.

From Robert
"Children of the Street - A very special song dedicated to very special people. Suddenly, the holiday season is upon us as we all gather together with our families, relatives, friends and our children to celebrate at this special time of year.

There are so many who are not aware that across every nation, there are so many homeless kids; broken in heart and spirit. These kids, the Children of the Street will not be sitting around a Christmas tree awaiting the family dinner before opening gifts. Instead, they are huddled together somewhere without the love, without the hugs, without the smiles of someone who cares. These kids won't be laying down to a nice warm bed with a full tummy, feeling safe and cozy on Christmas night. It will be just another night, cold, alone, and hungry, somewhere on a cold park bench or a dark alley using newspapers, cardboard boxes or anything they can find to keep warm. These little ones struggle on restless, bitter and afraid.

Maybe someone who is reading this was one of those kids. YOU made it back! Most won't.

Thank you, Jesus for giving this song to Rhonnie. Thank you, Rhonnie for caring enough to write it. All proceeds from this song will be donated to Children's Homes.

Robert Shields, President Glory Train Records

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