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Nancy Albers, Rick Paul & Wayne Nelson
"Little Child Lost"

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"Little Child Lost"
Written by Nancy Albers & Rick Paul
Recorded by Wayne Nelson

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Singer: Wayne Nelson

Wayne is the lead singer of the Little River Band and a board member of the Child Alert Foundation.
Wayne is also featured on CP page  with his song, "Who Made The Moon", written for his daughter, Aubree who died at the age of 14 and recorded by the Little River Band, now on thier latest CD, "Where We Started From".

Lyrics: Nancy Albers/BMI
Nancy is a cofounder and CFO of the
Child Alert Foundation
This was Nancy's first attempt at songwriting and it was inspired by her caring and belief in saving children.

Nancy Albers - Songwriter - CFO of Child Alert Foundation

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Music composed by Rick Paul
Rick is a composer and songwriter who colaborated with Nancy Albers on the creation of Little Child Lost. Rick is not new to the CP site. He was one of the earlier artists to submit a special song to CP which you can find on
music page 1.


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