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Little River Band
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Stephen Housden, Wayne Nelson, Glenn Reither,
Kevin Murphy and Greg Hind

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Who Made the Moon
Written By Wayne Nelson
Sung By Little River Band
(Wayne Nelson Lead Vocals)

Story Behind the Song
Wayne Nelson

Statistics show that domestic violence adversely affects not only spouses but also their
children. Sadly, three to five million children witness domestic violence in the home each
year. In fact, children raised in homes where family violence occurs have a 65% chance of
becoming violent or victimized as they grow older.

"All of us feel the pain of child abuse," says Wayne Nelson, 48, lead singer/bass
guitarist/composer with Little River Band. "I’m turning my feelings into action to honor the
memory of my daughter Aubree, my very special angel. She was a gifted writer and a
wonderful, gentle soul, and I know the world would have received much more beauty and
grace if she had lived longer."

At age 13 Aubree died in a car accident off Interstate 15 in San Diego, California. That
was in 1992 when Nelson was touring in England. In his daughter’s memory, he wrote
"Who Made the Moon?", a poignant song about children’s constant curiosity, and a
parent’s search for answers.

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