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Keith Bryant

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Written By Keith Bryant/Bruce A. Wallace
Sung By Keith Bryant

A rising new talent, Keith is working with his national tour sponsor, "Country Nights", to form a foundation to assist families of children in need (missing, exploited, abused or neglected).

From Keith
"There are alot of really sad truths in this world. One of the saddest is
that so many young people think the way out of the rules and regulations, that
just don't seem to fit their teenage years, is to run away. Another sad truth
is that the street is no place for a child, and a teenager is still a child.
The streets are hard, cold and unfriendly and, even deadly at times. To those
young people...go home. Someone there loves you, misses you and wants you

But the most sad, is that for some young people, running away is the only way
out of an abusive life. If anyone who has a young member of their family,
even a distant relative, that is living on the streets, let that kid know that
there is someone that loves them and wants to help."

Contact the National Runaway Switchboard at 800-621-4000.

To hear more of Keith's music visit his page on MKOC

Keith Bryant Homepage

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