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Leave The Light On  By: David Morris
Sung by: Call Of The West - Lead vocals, David Morris

"Leave the Light On" touched my heart the moment I heard it.
Symbolic and wise, these are words to live by.

Call of the West on MKOC

From David:
Do you ever just sit back and marvel at the innocence of the blind faith and the capacity for forgiveness and trust?
It is those marvelous characteristics that makes them so special and at the
same time so vulnerable. I will always trust God with their souls and always
pray for the chance that they can reach adulthood with some of it still
intact, because ......
"The road is long..........and if the heart's to survive
chase the rose with a song from the heart of the child"

We have seen in our lifetime the evolution that has brought us to a
point that even the children are losing the innocence much earlier in life.
We must not only protect the life but the heart as well.
David Morris


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Ride For The Children by Bobby Mountain

"Bikers" are more than leather and motorcycles and Bobby's song is a tribute to the millions of bike enthusiasts who don't just ride, but ride with a purpose... to help children.

Bobby on MKOC

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From Bobby:
There is a common masterlink that connects the long chain of the motorcyclist. Freedom. Ride For Kids is about freedom of disease. I witnessed my first Ride For Kids as a motorist at an intersection on Georgia 400 in the early nineties. I sat for 27 minutes and watched as motorcyclist of every shape, form, and description rolled by.....this was quite an inspiring scene. Having been a motorcyclist for years I had never witnessed an event like this. I wanted to know what common thread was strong enough to pull so many different bikes and so.. so many independent people
together for a single cause...the name says it all...Ride For Kids.
Bobby Mountain

Signs Of Love

Little Eyes/Poppy  By: Clyde Hady
Sung by: Clyde Hady

"'See Those Little Eyes' and 'Poppy' were of course inspirations brought on by the blessings of children. I don't honestly recall which child was the inspiration for 'Little Eyes', but I do know it has been written and sung using both his and hers. 'Poppy' was most definitely inspired by my oldest daughter, she just didn't care."

Signs Of Love

From Clyde:
"I have raised seven of my own children and a few of others here and there, each child like each adult is an individual person. And for each person singular understanding needs to be employed. But most important of all considerations is the fact that each person is a gift. I have no words of wisdom to place with my song, only prayers of hope and understanding."
Clyde Hady


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That Little Girl Written By: Paul Evens Pedersen
Sung by: Samantha Berry

From Paul E. Pedersen:
Having been a professional Firefighter for fifteen years(Houston, TX, Collingswood, NJ and Camden County Fire Dept,NJ), I have seen the pain and devistation that child abuse and child neglect brings upon the victims and victim's families and friends.

Whats almost as disgusting as the crime itself is the APATHY from most of the public, as I personally witnessed no less than 25 cars pass a TWO YEAR OLD CHILD without stopping as she walked, scared and crying, on a major thoroughfare in S.E.PA!!! Have we all become too scared of ourselves to care? After I stopped and took the child to the Police Station, an officer told me "People didn't stop  because they were probly worried they'd be accused of something..." It was from this experience, and some first-hand knowledge of missing children and
child abuse, that the song, "THAT LITTLE GIRL" was created. Child Abuse...Child Abduction/Kidnapping and Murder....? HANDS DOWN...DEATH PENALTY...PERIOD!!!
Just ask The Kankes Family here in NJ! Society cannot re-habilitate a Whack-a-doodle!!!
Paul Evens Pedersen

Samantha Berry on MKOC


Where's Annie Written By: Dan Nash
Sung by: Dan Nash

When I first heard "Where's Annie, I didn't realize that Dan had written it about Anne Frank... I heard the fear and the plea in his voice, "where's Annie" and felt the chills of a child lost in the night because her bloodline didn't fit with what the society in her world accepted. For all the horror that we speak of today regarding Hitler's era, this stigmatism still plaques children world-wide.
Have we really grown so much?

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From Dan Nash:
The song is written about Anne Frank. Most of the descriptions are taken from the
"Diary of Anne Frank". "But she had to slip away, disappear into the night,
she had to stole away - her bloodline wasn't right".

This book, and the real life tragedy of the Frank family and the whole era tugs at my heart strings. In her Diary, Anne always started out "Dear Kitty...", perhaps her saving grace for the long time cooped up away from the world was her Diary, "Dear Kitty, help her now, paper is patient". The most important thing that I got out of this horrible situation is the fact that even with all the world crumbling around her, Anne Frank still was able to keep her chin up, "I hear the approaching thunder, yet the sun still shines." From the questioning chorus "Where's Annie? Where'd they take Annie?" to the stifled "shh" at the end, I hope I was able to portray the anguish and
emotion I feel for Anne Frank ("Oh Annie, if you could see us now...")

Dan Nash on MKOC


Imagine-CD-cover.jpg (11402 bytes)Sweet Dreams Written By: Rhonda Walsh
Sung by: Rhonda Walsh

Rhonda contacted me after visiting MKOC for the first time. She is a wonderful songwriter and she was sending me song files of her work asking if there may be some artists interested in recording her songs. Then she found this section of MKOC about the children and told me about her song, "Sweet Dreams". Unlike her other songs, this entire album is posted at CD Baby to raise awareness and raise funds for victims of the 9-11 attack. What's very interesting is that the local "Peace Team" asked her to write some peace and anti-war songs for an album. The folks in her town loved it, It was a way of helping them all cope with the tragedy and a sense that they wanted to make the world a better place. You'll note, they were granter permission to use John Lennon's memorial, "Imagine" as the CD cover. I cut the rest off so you'd get a better view of the photo. You can see and hear all at the link above.

From Rhonda:
I wrote "Sweet Dreams" after the events of 9-11. After the shock of what happened finally sunk in, it seemed like everyone (including the media) was talking about revenge and evil and evil-doers, etc. No one was looking at why it happened but rather, how we could "get even". After a few weeks my 8 year old son began to ask me questions that only an innocent child could. Questions like; why would someone do that? Are we going to get blown up? What's an Iraq? Are we going to war? I realized that the children were being affected by this and we adults were not taking time to answer there questions because, after all, how could they possibly understand war? I don't even understand it. So I wrote this song. It came straight from my heart. I know that war is sometimes necessary but I also will never lose the hope that we can rise above it someday. Maybe that can begin with conversations between mother and child.
Rhonda Walsh


Hear My Tears Written By: Marilyn Oakley
Sung by: Eileen  Balzano

It is inconceivable to me that anyone would have to suffer at the hands of someone  they should be able to depend on, let alone the suffering an innocent child. I was fortunate enough to have two loving, nurturing parents. Sadly enough, in this day and age, that is more of the exception than the rule.

It is my hope that this song will send a message to all that hear it. It is my wish that a child's life will be better because of it.

Eileen  Balzano on MKOC

Eilene Balzano

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