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Eric Magner

Chalk On The Walk Lyrics Written By: Clayton W. Sawyer
Music Composed By: Jeff Cooper
Sung by: Eric Lee Magner

In Memory of Jamie

"She is the little girl that inspired the song
and I would like to remember her."
This is a touching and all too true song. We're all accustomed to seeing the artwork of children, how many times do we stop to think about the inspiration for their work. Art is a mirror to the soul....take time to see the "writing on the wall".

From Clayton:
"I'm a mailman and on my route there is one house in particular that always has very beautiful chalk drawings in
front of it. The kids at this house must spend hours drawing these pictures. Well I always made sure not to step on
them and kept them in the back of my mind. I just knew there was a song in there somewhere. Here in Grand
Rapids we have a terrific radio station that does a "Roofsit" every year for abused kids. This "B-93 Country Cares
for Kids" has a nut for a DJ that spends a week on the roof of a shopping mall broadcasting. They raise money for
abused kids in West Michigan and the thing is the money raised here, stays here. So we are really just helping ourselves. Well I finally had an angle for the chalk pictures. The only thing more honest then talking to a child is looking at their drawings. Anything a child is feeling will be in those pictures. I posted the lyrics on Glade's Songwriting page, where Jeff Cooper read them and liked them a lot. Well he put some killer music to them and This is the song that I'm most proud of."
Clayton W. Sawyer


Precious Years by Clark Reid

As Clark related to me: "The first thing we all must do in protecting the children of the world is to start at home. This song chronicles the two sides felt in a family where the Daddy is absent and how we never get back the chance to spend more time with our children."

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From Clark:
"In a world that places emphasis on success measured by materialism it can
be easy for people to forget that our greatest investment and treasure to
be nurtured for the future is our children... Country music has at times been
guilty of having it's most shining lights neglect what they have at home in
pursuit of the "dream". Dedicated to all the children of the world who have
to deal with a life where parents are often absent in pursuit of their own
goals, and personally dedicated to my own "treasures and investment in the
future".. Jadin and Lisa.

Julia Rautenburg

Save The Children by Julia Rautenburg

Julia is involved in concerts to raise funds for the
"Food For The Hungry Foundation" which is
aimed toward feeding and clothing needy children.

Holy Spitit Music (BMI)

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From Julia:
"My Inspiration for writing the song, 'Save the Children' came from my love for children and my concern with the abuse and neglect they are faced with these days. I feel that these little ones are all our responsibilities. It is my hope and prayer that my song will cause everyone that hears it to take a stand for out little ones. These are the Precious Jewels in the Crown of our World."


Ladies Of The Night by Mark Anthony Abbott

Child abuse is not only a world-wide tragedy but a generational one.....passed on from one generation to the next.

Mark on MKOC

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From Mark:
When I was working in the Health Care Field, I was on intake one day and a
19 year old young lady, gave me her life story, incest rape, heroin addict
and she was working as a prostitute for some pimp, who had just bashed her
up again. You could see she was a beautiful woman even though she wore the
scars of the streets. She lost her struggle in the game of life and
overdosed about 12 months later. Her name was Kelly.


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I Need You Daddy by Marlene Gilliam

Marlene is the daughter of the late Hawkshaw Hawkins
of the Grand Ole Opry.
On March 5, 1963, Hawkshaw, Patsy Cline and Cowboy
Copus were killed in a plane crash.

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From Marlene Gilliam:
Today, so many children are growing up with a single parent. Either Mother or Father have abandoned or semi-abandoned the child. This is not to belittle the contribution of the single parent in child rearing. It is, rather, to point out the affects resulting from the other parent. You don't have to be completely out of a child's life to have abandoned it. All it takes to abuse a child by abandonment is to deprive the child of the love and attention it needs to grow up and have a healthy attitude about family. A Father or Mother whose priority in life is any activity which causes the child to be deprived of their love is abusing that child. A child has no way of understanding why the parent is absent so much or totally. To the child, it means that the parent does not love them enough to want to be there. This puts a spirit of rejection in the child's heart. The scars are carried over their lifetime unless they are healed of them by the Lord, Jesus.

Though I have had more than one Daddy, I had the proper fatherly love of none. My Dad was a star on the WWVA Jamboree and then on the WSM Grand Ole Opry. His career took him from home all the time and then he and my Mom divorced in 1958. Then my Dad was killed in a plane crash in 1963. One day, as I had such a void in my life, one that had been there many, many years, I just looked up to the Lord and said, "Lord, why haven't I ever really had a Daddy?" He told me that I have always had a Daddy because He was Abba, Father, and would never leave me or forsake me. Then the words to this song started flowing. I hope that this song can reach out to all those children who need a Daddy. I want them to know that the Heavenly Father will always be right there, waiting for them to accept Him as Daddy.



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