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Nathan Clay

Birthday Wish By Nathan Clay

So many children have wonderfully wild wishes for their birthdays before blowing out the flames that they perceive to hold their fortune. "I wish I would get that shiny new bike I saw in the store window" - "I wish I may I wish I might...." so many wonderful things to wish for but daily there are children who wish for nothing more than peace at home. "Birthday Wish" is about a little boy with such a wish.

From Nathan:
"Child abuse by parents is a serious problem. Parents losing their ability to deal with a problem and beating a child out of anger is often caused by there own childhood beatings! It is a circle that will not stop until the adult can see for themselves just what a horrible thing they are inflicting on their child. If there are sleeping Monsters in this world RAGE is one of them. The circle needs to be broken by becoming aware that this is not OK to do. If you do this to your child, when they grow up they will do it to your grandchildren.
This song is meant to bring attention to this and maybe some little person out there will not be beaten. That one child being spared this atrocity, would make all of this worth while.
Children are to love a help to grow, not to be beaten out of RAGE!!"
Nathan Clay

Baby Blues By Jerry J. Mercer

"Baby Blues" reflects the agony of a mother who prays for to protect her child who's baby blue eyes are filled with fear and pain...and knowing that she is to blame.

Jerry J. Mercer

From Jerry:
"In the ideal situation, a child is nurtured by two loving parents. Too often the ideal is not realized. There is no excuse for abusing a child, emotionally or physically. Nonetheless, human nature is such that selfishness, stress, ignorance and a host of other things conspire to create an abusive situation. "Baby Blues" addresses the fact that people need help to deal with child abuse: They need God's help and the help of people who understand. To those who are guilty of abusing a child, the message is: GET HELP!"
Jerry J. Mercer

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Film At Eleven By Scott "Buddy" Bannon

We've all witnessed it too many times...some of us on the news, and countless others live with it daily.
Scott is a songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA and was concerned with the quality of his recording, not having a  professional studio or means to record "Film At Eleven". I found the message to be of such quality and didn't hesitate to ask Scott to release it to us as is; recorded on a cassette tape in his home, his guitar his only backup.  I'd like to thank Scott for forgoing artistic pride and donating his song to our cause and I'm sure y'all will agree, his message far outweighs the concern of the production.

From Scott:
"When I heard of this project I couldn't help but get involved. I applaud anyone who takes a stand like this, and was not only willing, but compelled to offer a song to the cause. The piece I chose, "Film At Eleven", is one of my favorite songs that I have written. It tells the honest, sad story that is life for far too many people today. I will always look upon writing it as one of my greatest accomplishments, and having it used for such a good cause as
one of my proudest moments."
Scott "Buddy" Bannon

Angeline By Dave Hahn

Dave Hahn's music can haunt and soothe you at the same time. The mixture of the sad cello, accoustic guitar, and Dave's voice in this song is a perfect example. Dave said, "Angelina is a young girl who has had a lot of difficulty dealing with her life's circumstances. The actual reference in this song is how I perceived that God might be trying to reach out to her; to give her hope and comfort."
Dave is also featured on MKOC

Dave Hahn


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