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*NEW 11-2005*   Little Girl Gone By Mitch Townley and Scott Word
Performed by Scott Word

About the song by Mitch Townley:
Little Girl Gone is a song that came together quickly and seemingly on “its own” in the Spring of 2005.The day after I finished the lyric, I read on a songwriter’s web forum that a missing children’s organization in Wisconsin, Operation Locate Our Children (OPLOC) was looking for songs to put on a charity compilation CD for creating a greater awareness of the plight of missing and abducted children. I thought: “Great, here I am again with lyrics to fill a need but no music/vocalist to make it a song”. How quickly that would change.

I contacted a respected songwriter on the web forum Songramp and asked if he would write the music for it. He said he only had the time to invest in songs which might become a commercial hit someday. He was very nice and referred me to another composer, who also lives in Knoxville, by the name of Scott Word (Great name for a writer don’t you think?). I e-mailed Scott the lyrics and inquired about his interest.
Well, 2 hours later his response came in the form of an audio file of what he had some up with for the chorus melody. I was blown away!! Usually someone just says yes first but he literally “sang” his response. It was an amazing day.

After the song was completed, I sent it on to OPLOC. They loved it and want to include it on the CD as well as use it in video presentations they make in the community. They even asked me to write a song on the subject of runaways. I’m still looking for music for that one.

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Mitch Townley & wife, Karen

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Scott Word


Leslie Gail Brooks On MKOC

Not My Child Written by Leslie Gail Brooks and Ray Roberts
Sung by Leslie Gail Brooks

Written for Amber Hagerman who was kidnapped and viciously murdered near her grandmother's home. All proceeds from this song benefit PASO, and the building of the Dallas Texas National Missing Childrens Center.


What's It Gonna Take By Ronnie McDowell,

Ronnie wrote this song at the time of the incident concerning the murders that took place at a Clarksville Tenn fast food restaurant. He was so upset about this incident that he wrote this song... Ronnie call's it his "wake up call to America".

Thanks to Pat, a great friend and the webmaster of the Ronnie McDowell site, for all her help in attaining permission to use Ronnie's song and info.

Ronnie McDowell


Shelly Streeter on MKOC

Oh Mamacita by Shelly Streeter

A special dedication to Evangilina, who's young life was ended in a drive-by shooting. From Shelly: "There must be a way to stop the violence. This song is for all who have faced tragedy. Know there is a healing over time. Time owes that to you."

Shelly Streeter's Official Site


Angel Of Mercy Written by Tom Mahieu and his brother Dan Mahieu, Sung by Tom Mahieu

"Angel Of Mercy" is a touching song of a man asking the angel to watch over and protect his loved ones starting with a newborn child. It speaks to us of hope, fear and pain but it's most important message is love.

Tom Mahieu

Rick Paul

Portadown Rain Lyrics by Vic Michener, Composition/Vocals by Rick Paul

From Rick: "When I saw Vic's original lyric for this song, which deals with the loss of a child to the political violence in Northern Ireland, and the anger the parent has toward those who sponsor the violence from afar, it really hit me that this song wasn't just about Northern Ireland. Rather, it could be applied to any situation in the world where people are sponsoring terrorism in the name of politics, and the victims are the innocents. Whether it's Northern Ireland or Oklahoma City, the effects of the loss on the loved ones, and the loss of the potential of those lives that were lost, is a human tragedy. And, whether the loss is indeed that of a young child as in this song, or a father or mother, sister or brother, someone has lost a child. It is my hope that anyone who hears this song, and stops to think about its words, will think twice before lending financial support to any cause which achieves its ends through violent means, and, ultimately, will not write that check."

Protect The Little Ones Written by Ron Crawford and Mike Pascal, Sung by Patsy Andrews

This is another song written especially to the memory of Amber Hagerman.

Thanks to Farris Crawford of ZestSpear Music for all your help in attaining this song and info.

Patsy Andrews

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