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Chris Curtice

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Forever Bound By The Heart
Written By Tony Quinn/Joe Tyler
Sung By Chris Curtice

Chris is a Detective of the Fresno Sherriff's Dept.
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Chris' CD, "Forever Bound By The Heart", will benefit the National Missing Children's Locate Center, Inc.


To Serve - Protect - and Sing!
(Excerpt taken from and interview/article on Chris by Delyn Foster of "Review" magazine - Aug. 1997)

Delyn: "How did you get involved with the missing children issue?"

Chris: "Well, I was very touched by one particular case I worked on. A mother had abandoned her 2 1/2 year old daughter in the mountains. I guess their car broke down and the father took the baby and went one way, the mother took the little girl and went the other, to see who could find help first. Anyway, when the little girl couldn't keep up the mother left her.
Ironically though, my brother's fiancee also had a son abducted by his father and taken out of the country. He was recently found after years and reunited with his mother, so in essence it has happened in my family.
I just realized I wanted to help children because I love kids and look forward to having my own, so I contacted the National Missing Children's Location Center in Portland, and they jumped at the chance to do this. Part of the proceeds from the sale of each CD goes to the Missing Children's Locator Fund."

To hear more of Chris' music and learn more about him, visit his page on MKOC

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To Purchase Chris' CD and visit his site, Chris Curtice

Get the new book about Chris and his partner
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Catch Me if You Can: A California Saga of Murder, Greed, and Two Heroic Detectives
By Kraig Hanadel With Chris Curtice With John Souza

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