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Johnny's Song (A House That Stays Lonesome All Day)
From Cerrito's new CD, "Love Me Forever Today"

On May 1, 2002, my nephew John J. (Johnny LoBello, Jr)., lost his battle with cancer. Born August 27, 1993, Johnny was only 8 years old. His loss has been devastating to my sister Sandra, brother-inlaw, John and my niece, Victoria. All of our families, have really been affected by Johnny's death. Many times I would tell friends, family and everday people how the death of a child will change your life. The sounds my sister Sandra made at Johnny's wake and funeral were undescribable. The sounds will haunt us forever... the somber feeling in their home when you visit... the looks on their faces... the pain... Johnny's young beautiful face forever etched in your mind. Johnny never goes away. That is how the song came about. One day I sat at the piano and wrote it.

I'd like to thank Cerrito not only sharing his song, but his heart as well. There is no greater loss than that of a child. Also, thank you to Cerrito's label, Checo Records and his PR firm, Webster & Associates for making it possible for me to share this beautiful song with you. They have allowed us the use of "Johnny's Song" on the Child Alert Foundation Site as well.

On behalf of all the children we strive to bring home safely, muchas gracias, mi amigo!  May time and God ease your wounded heart each day.
Vaya Con Dios, Siempre, Cerrito.

See Cerrito's Review on MKOC with more streaming audio files from his
new CD, "Love Me Forvever Today"

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