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Bobby Mountain

"Bikers" are more than leather and motorcycles and Bobby's song is a tribute to the millions of bike enthusiasts who don't just ride, but ride with a purpose... to help children.

RFKbikes.jpg (6588 bytes) Children of the Rolling Thunder
Written and performed by Bobby Mountain

Bobby wrote this song in 1999 for the Child Alert Foundation. The song's premier was at a benefit for CAF where Bobby performed freely to raise funds for CAF. Bobby is still a major supporter of CAF today and his contributions and help are invaluable.

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Ride For The Children
Written and performed by Bobby Mountain

This was the first song Bobby had showcased on Country Sings Out for Child Protection.
This song is available on his CD, "Genuine Leather" which is available on his website.

From Bobby:
There is a common masterlink that connects the long chain of the motorcyclist. Freedom. Ride For Kids is about freedom of disease. I witnessed my first Ride For Kids as a motorist at an intersection on Georgia 400 in the early nineties. I sat for 27 minutes and watched as motorcyclist of every shape, form, and description rolled by.....this was quite an inspiring scene. Having been a motorcyclist for years I had never witnessed an event like this. I wanted to know what common thread was strong enough to pull so many different bikes and so.. so many independent people together for a single cause... the name says it all...
Ride For Kids.
Bobby Mountain

Bobby on MKOC

Bobby Mountain's Official Website


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