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Proud Member of the
Country Music Appreciation Society of Malta

CMAS-Logo.gif (17419 bytes)

Est. 1975
Founder: Vince Laus - Country Music Broadcaster & Historian

My sincere thanks to Vince Laus and the CMAS board for making me an honorary member.

"Our honorary members include our PRO, also Super 1's head of radio programs and a very good friend who up until Sept.29th was the owner of the Hotel where we used to hold our country nights for the past six years.

Our honorary stars from the USA are Ronnie MIlsap, The Statler Brothers, Billie Jo Spears, Freddy Weller, Buck Owens and now Dale Watson."

Vince Laus
"Super Country" Radio Show on Super 1 Radio
The Country Music Appreciation Society
72/1 Earls Court, E.B. Vella Street, B'Kara BKR 12, MALTA.

UPDATE: Sadly I must report that my dear friend, Vince Laus has passed away.
He is highly missed by many, and the CMAS has lost more than just a man... they lost a hero.
Go rest high on that mountain, my friend... til' we meet again.

Learn more about Vince's home, Malta at Everything Malta
A Valuable Malta Information Resource Website.


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